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Choose one of many free job application form templates presented by and make your hiring process smoother. Design your online forms to reflect your corporate identity and do all of these without any coding knowledge.

Job Application Forms

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What is a job application form?

An online job application form is a type of form that an applicant can fill in and apply for a job. Especially, if you are a small business trying to figure out a way to facilitate your typical employment processes, these forms are just for you. With a job application form that you quickly created on, you can accept applications online and do this by collecting as much information as you would like to.

Accept online applications with an employment application form

With many job application form templates, enables you to create online application forms and let people apply online for jobs. Moreover, with these forms, you can easily collect basic contact information, resumes, cover letters, and many other data.

You can even give points for answers to your questions and automatically calculate how appropriate a certain applicant is for your job opening. So, you can automate your HR process to a certain point by asking qualifier questions and by eliminating those who don't prequalify for your job opening.

How to use our job application form samples? has many types of ready-to-use job application forms for you to quickly create your own without losing any time. It is very easy to choose a template, click on the “Use Template” button, get started with it, and customize your form according to your needs. After that, you can follow the steps below to customize your form:

  1. You can click on the big blue “+” button at the bottom and add some of the many fields to your form.
  2. Switch to the “Design” editor tab, change your form layout, theme, font, and background, and customize how your form looks in many different ways.
  3. Go to your form settings, adjust your notification settingsadd welcomethank you pages, and do much more!

Once you're completely done with your job application form, you can click on the 'Share' button and publish it anywhere you like. You can also copy the embed code and paste it into your website's HTML to have your form on your website.

What needs to be on your online job application form?

There are some fundamental fields that you should include in the job application form:

  • Applicant's full name
  • Job title at the moment
  • Employment history and companies worked for before to make a background check
  • Applicant’s personal information
  • A brief introduction of the job description
  • Educational background
  • A field for the applicant to upload a resume and cover letter
  • Military service status

After these, it is on you to ask for whatever information you would like to know about the applicant, such as years of working experience, education, etc.

How long should your job application form take?

The length of your job application form is completely up to you. It can be either short and engaging or long and compelling. You can add as many fields to your form even if you are a free user.

When creating your job application form, there are some essential points that you need to pay attention to. These are:

  • Present people with alternative communication methods – ask for their professional profiles like LinkedIn and GitHub.
  • Guide them while they are filling out the form – give place to small descriptions under your questions.
  • Ask for more personalized pieces of information like the applicants’ hobbies and leisure time activities.

Cree formularios en línea con facilidad, personalice los campos, el diseño y las opciones de privacidad de su formulario en un par de minutos. Al agregar algunos de los muchos tipos de campos de formulario para todas las necesidades con la pantalla del creador de formularios de arrastrar y soltar de, también puede crear encuestas y exámenes en línea.

Potentes funciones:

●     Lógica condicional

●     Crea formularios con facilidad

●     Calculadora para exámenes y formularios de cotización

●     Restricción de geolocalización

●     Datos en tiempo real

●     Personalización detallada del diseño

Puede integrar los formularios y encuestas que creó en con muchas aplicaciones de terceros a través de Zapier. Estas aplicaciones e integraciones incluyen la creación o modificación de una hoja en Google Sheets cada vez que se envía tu formulario y la creación de un trato en Pipedrive para un pedido que recibiste o un cliente potencial generado.

¡No hay límites ni fronteras cuando se trata de crear formularios, encuestas y exámenes en línea con! Puede elegir uno de los muchos tipos de plantillas, crear un formulario y comenzar de inmediato. Una vez que comience con una plantilla, puede personalizar fácilmente los campos de su formulario, el diseño del formulario y muchos otros atributos.

Puede compartir sus formularios de la forma que desee. Si desea compartir su formulario y recopilar respuestas a través del enlace único de su formulario, simplemente puede ajustar la configuración de privacidad y copiar y pegar el enlace del formulario en cualquier lugar. Y si desea incrustar su formulario en su sitio web, puede copiar y pegar fácilmente el código incrustado en el HTML de su sitio web.

En, puede personalizar el tema de su formulario y los elementos de diseño en profundidad. Una vez que cambie a la pestaña 'Diseño' después de terminar su formulario, verá muchas opciones de personalización de diseño diferentes. Puede cambiar el tema de su formulario eligiendo sus propios colores o eligiendo uno de los muchos temas prefabricados.