Evaluation Survey Templates

Whether you want to collect feedback for a product, service, class, or project, online evaluation surveys provide you with a great way to do it. By creating and publishing an online survey, you will reduce paperwork and save a great deal of time. Choose from forms.app’s professional evaluation survey templates and start one step ahead!

Evaluation Surveys

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Reasons to use online evaluation surveys

Feedback can have a great impact on projects, courses, or products and lead to a change of direction. For example, course evaluation surveys provide information about how students feel about the course, teacher, course material, and teaching environment. This way, a teacher or principal can see the students’ learning pace, issues with the class, and overall situation. 

Additionally, evaluation surveys show that you value your work and audience. Students, buyers, or users generally become happy when they know their voice is heard. If you are a sales manager, for example, this will help you have loyal customers that are happy to contribute. And the best part is you can achieve all this in a little time. After you select one of the evaluation survey templates, you can create your custom survey and start collecting data automatically.

Different areas to use evaluation surveys

The scope of evaluation surveys is limitless. Whether it is about a continuing or ended process, evaluations always tell you a lot about it. And eventually, they lead to improving and developing better relations. Here are some evaluation survey types and fields you can use:

  • Product & service evaluation surveys for sales-related businesses
  • Class evaluation surveys for schools and other educational institutions
  • Project evaluation surveys for companies
  • Software tool evaluation surveys for developers


Editing your evaluation surveys effectively

Evaluation survey templates on forms.app come with all the standard questions and fields for the survey types. So, if you are not sure how to write questions and create your evaluation survey from scratch, these evaluation survey templates will get you up and going in no time. Once you have selected a sample, you can add custom survey questions and edit or remove the existing ones.

For example, if you want to collect information about customer satisfaction, you can easily add a rating field for the net promoter score (NPS). Also, when collecting student feedback, you can convert some fields for your open-ended questions. According to your preferences, you will be able to make some questions required as well. Lastly, if you are preparing a complex survey, you make use of forms.app’s conditional field options.

Easy-to-use customize options for your evaluation surveys

When collecting feedback, looks almost become important as the content of your surveys. Luckily, evaluation form templates on forms.app comes with a basic and engaging design. But this is not all! With forms.app, you have a large number of advanced customization features as well. For a faster start, you can choose from forms.app’s great library of free form themes, or use advanced options to customize your survey form. 

And none of these require any coding experience. Change colors, fonts, border shapes, and the background with only a few clicks. Also, as the evaluation forms will be online, people will be answering questions anywhere and at any time. This means you should optimize your surveys for mobile devices as well. Once you have finished your design, simply hit the preview button to see how people see your surveys on their smartphones.

Useful features for data collection and review

Evaluation surveys are the perfect tool for collecting data about any process. But you can also fine-tune this tool to get the best results. For example, if the evaluation surveys will be completed by a small group, you can easily enable notifications to review them as soon as they are submitted. Or, with large data samples, you can analyze results in a list view and open the statistics page to get the overall picture. Use forms.app to access free evaluation survey templates and create your survey forms without limits!

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