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The Most Practical Online Quiz Maker

Create eye-pleasing, fun, and engaging online quizzes within a matter of minutes. Make quizzes to assess your participants’ skills, knowledge, and qualifications!

Build engaging quizzes with the best online quiz maker


Start with one of our online quiz templates or create your own quiz from scratch. No need for coding.


Add or remove questions with a few clicks. Customize the design of your quiz in detail with the advanced designer.


Set privacy settings for your quiz, share it through different channels, let people answer, and monitor the results easily.

Jumpstart with our multiple choice quiz templates

It is quite easy to create a quiz from scratch with’s quiz maker features. However, you can save extra time by quickly starting with one of our free online quiz templates available.

From a personality quiz to best friend quiz, exactly complies with all your needs and enables you to create interactive content. Some of our popular online quiz templates are:

See what you can achieve with quiz maker of

Educational quizzes’s free online test maker enables you to create online quizzes for your students and give them online tests easily. Thanks to the Calculator tool of, you can instantly score every student automatically.

If you like, you can show their results to the students and even give them pre-prepared feedback about how they have done.

Lead generation quizzes

Marketers love interactive content and they tend to think this kind of content converts more. Well, it may be true, but it matters a lot how you do it. Creating online quizzes for your landing pages and capturing leads from them is easy with

You can assign a different value for each answer to some qualifier questions in your lead generation form and create an automatic customer segmentation in your CRM according to the scores your leads get.

Just for fun quizzes

Enjoy creating fun quizzes whether to be answered by your co-workers or your friends. You can create different quizzes such as personality tests to evaluate personality types, test your friends with friendship quiz maker.

Add counter to your quizzes

Free online quiz maker

We all love taking online quizzes. It is fun to answer questions and see the result as a score. On the other hand, creating a nice quiz is not always that fun and simple.

Handy quiz builder of enables you to create quizzes in a couple of minutes without coding a single line! is the best free quiz maker with its many types of questions, some unique features, and easy calculator.

Let do the calculation for you’s calculator will allow you to insert values for each option of the questions such as Single Selection, Multiple Selection, Opinion Scale, Star Rating, Picture Selection, Dropdown Selection, etc. Furthermore, you can customize how the results will be displayed on the Thank you page to the quiz takers.


Notify your participants on Thank you page or by an email

You can show the results to the participants on the Thank You page as soon as they complete your quiz and submit their answers. You can also send results automatically via email right after they finish the quiz. You can have these processes wholly automated so that you don’t waste your time dealing with grading papers or analyzing results.

splashNotify your participants on Thank you page or by an email

Welcome people in style

Having a Welcome page to greet your participants and present them with the final instructions before the quiz is very important. You can write welcome messages, add photos and insert a Vimeo or YouTube video in order to make your welcome page more attractive.

splashWelcome people in style

Add counter to your quizzes

Showing your participants how much time left to submit their responses during a quiz is an important advantage when it comes to a better quiz experience. Whether you make a best friend quiz or a lead form quiz instead of a classic educational one, limiting the time may have positive effects on conversion rates and bring in extra fun.

splashAdd counter to your quizzes

See the quiz submissions in real-time

You can monitor the quiz submissions in real-time on the ‘Results’ section of your quiz. You can list the submissions in two different layouts; table view and mailbox view. Either way, you can individually see the quiz results and if your participants marked the correct answer for a specific question. Moreover, it is possible to download these quiz submissions in PDF format.

splashSee the quiz submissions in real-time

People can take your quizzes on any device

As is developed with a 'mobile first' approach, the quizzes that you create are accessible on every type of device particularly mobile phones and tablets. So, you don't need to worry about whether people will access the quizzes that you create on

splashPeople can take your quizzes on any device

How to make an online quiz on

Basically, provides you with a variety of question types such as single selection, picture selections, and multiple-choice questions. You can also use the ‘Calculator’ feature that lets you assign points for the correct answers and have the quiz result right after the submission. In order to create smart quizzes with calculations, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log into, create a quiz by using one of our templates or start from a blank page.
  2. Add questions or modify the existing ones.
  3. Switch to the ‘Calculator’ and assign points for the question options.
  4. Share your quiz via a link, email, social media, etc.
splashHow to make an online quiz on

Provide instant feedback

You can provide feedback to your participants as soon as they complete the quiz in 4 simple steps:

  • Define score ranges for different Thank You page messages.
  • Enter a different message for each score range.
  • For example, ‘Congratulations, good job!’ for someone who does well.
  • Show them how many points they won from each question.
splashProvide instant feedback