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Why is the best Typeform alternative?

Quick Comparison of and Typeform

Comparing similar products before deciding to use one is an important motivation nowadays, as we have so many alternatives for online form builders and online survey tools.

When it comes to creating beautiful and functional online forms, and Typeform are two of the most popular. In some aspects, they are apart from each other and prevails. As the best free alternative to Typeform, we offer all our features to our free users, too.

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Minimum price/year144 USD
300 USD
Free Package includes all features

Free package features

Exporting results to CSV
Custom fonts
Custom colors
Custom CSS
Insert Images & Videos
QR code generator
Google Ads Conversion
Facebook Conversion
Publish Day Settings
Unpublish Day Settings
Collecting Payment
Step view
Image Upload
File Upload
Frendly URL
Quota Settings
Heat Map
Geolocation Restriction

How can be free ? uses the latest technologies to minimize the cost and maximize the performance.

Ease of use


Typeform’s drag and drop form builder menu allows people to create forms easily. However, if you are a new user and unfamiliar with it, you may struggle with the lack of intuitiveness that leads to confusion sometimes.’s easy-to-use and intuitive user interface lets even new and unfamiliar users understand how to build forms online and create surveys instinctively. This way, you don’t lose time trying to understand our form building tool.



Typeform’s main thing is about creating visually appealing forms and they have enough customization options for this. People can customize their form design as they wish.

On, you can create beautiful-looking and eye-pleasing forms within only a matter of minutes. You can also change your form layout, choose one of many ready-made themes, or create your own color combination with advanced options in our ‘Design’ menu.

Conditional Logic


Typeform’s conditional logic feature or -‘Logic jump’ as what they call it- is detailed and enables you to create complex logic. However, at some points, if you’re an unfamiliar user you may find it difficult to navigate through. provides its users with a more simple and easy-to-navigate interface using which people can create their own conditions with ease and improve the data collection with forms and surveys.

Ease of Creating Order Forms


Typeform’s order form creator is pretty complicated when compared to as it requires adding a picture selection, listing your products there, and adding a ‘choose your size’ question in a different question. Order forms that you will create on Typeform will not be like a real e-Commerce experience to your customers. has a unique form field called ‘Product basket’ using which you can list your products, add description, size/color options, and set different prices based on different options. What you can do with’s ‘Product basket’ field is not limited to this. You can find out more about this brilliant form field here and see some of our fancy order form templates here.

Payment Collection


Typeform does not allow you to collect payments if you are a free user. It is also pretty much limited to collect payments in the other paid plans they offer. Plus, only Stripe integration is available so if you are looking for alternative payment processors, you may find it hard to continue accepting payments with Typeform. has payment collection integrations with the world’s two biggest online payment tools such as PayPal and Stripe. Unlike Typeform, people can collect up to 20 payments per month even if they are free users. Moreover, as there are more than only one payment processor option, you can let your customers choose whichever one they prefer.

Integration with Third-Party Applications


Typeform has integration with many different types of third-party applications such as, Slack, Airtable, etc. However, if you are not a paying customer of Typeform, you can’t experience and use any of these integrations. also has integrations with many third-party applications such as Slack, Pipedrive, Google Sheets, etc. thanks to its integration with Zapier. Moreover, if you are a free plan user, you can use these integrations without facing any limitations.

Customer Support has customer support via contact forms and live support. The live support is available within European working hours. One-on-one customer support is always a priority for when it comes to supporting even free users.


Typeform provides customer support via help documentation, tutorials, contact forms, and live chat. However, in contact forms and live chat, only paid members are in priority. If you are a free user seeking to explore the platform, you only have documentation and tutorials.



Typeform’s paid plans start from $25/month and go up to $99/month. If you would like to purchase an annual subscription, you can save up to 16% monthly. Compared to and the other form builder applications in the market, Typeform is one of the most expensive ones.’s paid plans start from $12/month and go up to $99/month. Plus, if you are interested in annual subscriptions, there is a chance of saving up to 40% monthly. is a cheaper and more inclusive form builder in terms of features and capacity when compared to Typeform.

To sum up, when considering critical points such as usability, customer support, pricing, and the others, is the best Typeform free alternative. Hurry up now and don’t miss this opportunity to start using the best form builder ever!