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Improve design with CSS

As powerful form builder, lets you create your dream forms without any need for coding knowledge. You can select a template, customize your form, and easily share it with your audience. And, If you want more control over how your form looks, then you will also find a CSS Panel waiting for you. Enjoy the ultimate freedom with the CSS option and design your forms in the way you like! 

How to use CSS when creating your forms?

If you are familiar with CSS, you will find this process quite simple and enjoy your time while customizing your form. All you have to do is click the CSS button on the design menu and open the panel. Now, you can proceed to type your forms out!

Two column layout

To add more than one field in a line, you can simply add the code below to the CSS panel while selecting the list view as your view type. Please note that you have to adjust your design for mobile users.