Meet forms.app’s excellent array features and boost productivity. Better still, every feature is included in our free plan.

You can use forms.app and all of its features without paying a dime! We also have paid packages that provide you with more capacity and priority support.

Turn your online forms into Art.

Start Collecting Your Payments in Minutes

Start Collecting Your Payments in Minutes

Simply choose from PayPal, Stripe, Iyzico and Wirecard what you deem appropriate to provide to your customers and enter in your info accordingly.

List Your Products Using Product Basket

Add a Product Basket to your form and, with just a few clicks, list your products in order to set your online store up without a website. Moreover, you can categorize your products and easily manage your product inventory.

List Your Products Using Product Basket
Track Your Forms Using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

Track Your Forms Using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

Power your forms using Google and Facebook. Once you enter your info into your form’s settings section, you can then keep track of it instantly. Not only are all important events within are saved as conversions, but you can also integrate Google Ads conversions into it.

URL Customization

You can customize your form’s URL. All you have to do is set your form's privacy settings to Public and then personalize it. E.g.: forms.app/your company/job-application

Get Email Notifications

Be instantly informed the moment someone fills out your form . First click on notification settings (under ‘settings’), and then activate your email notifications.

Share Your Form With QR Code

You can share your form via social media or email. You can also use one-click to create and share a QR code for your form.
Track Your Forms Using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

Use Zapier to integrate your form into over 1,500 applications.

Zapier allows you to link your forms with your favorite applications. Integrate your form into your favorite apps such as Google Docs, Mailchimp, Trello, and Evernote. Go to the form settings, select your desired application, and integrate everything within a matter of minutes.

Design Your Form Freely

You can design your form to reflect your identity. Give your form a sharp or oval design, and change your color scheme and background as you like. Top it off with ’welcome’ ’and’ ’thank you’ pages.

List Your Products Using Product Basket

Collect valuable data to take your business further.

There are countless ways you can gain valuable feedback from both current and potential customers. Now is the time to offer them a benefit or two!

Do you need a powerful research assistant?

Review your multi-audience surveys and share the results any way you like.

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