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Enjoy powerful features of and reflect your creativity into your forms. You can experience all features even before you login


You can use all features of free of charge. We also have paid packages that provide you with more capacity and support priority. works seamlessly on the app that you download from AppStore, PlayStore or AppGallery and web browsers on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone. We develop new features and improve current ones continuously. Please check regularly for updates.

Form builder

Particular field types for different needs

You can collect data in different formats such as date, number or image in each field of your form. has many sophisticated form fields such as Opinion Scale, Single or Multiple Selection, Picture Selection, File Upload, Product Basket, Selection Matrix, Grid etc. Just click the 'Add a Field' button and select the appropriate format. You can change the order of fields any time by dragging and dropping them.

splashForm builder
Privacy Settings

Manage who can access your forms and records

There are 4 privacy states that you can set for a form or its records independent of each other.

Private: Only you can see the form.

Limited: Only certain people that you list can access the form or its records. They will see that form or report under the “Shared with me” section when they login

Unlisted: People with whom you or anybody else shared the unique link can access the form.

Public: As Public Forms are indexed by search engines, it is a great way to be present on the internet without a website. You can customize the URL of the form in order to make it easier to find on internet, for example: You can change the privacy settings any time.

splashPrivacy Settings

Step view

Display each one of your form fields on a different page. It is ideal for surveys and quizzes. Respondents can also monitor their progression on the progress bar at the bottom.

splashStep view

List view

Classical form layout that lists form fields one under the other. You can change the order of form fields easily. It is ideal for forms such as contact us form and registration form where users prefer to see all the questions on the same page.

splashList view

The shorter the form, the higher the response rate

You can show or hide fields according to previous answers. For example, in a Job Application Form you should ask the maiden name of only to female and married applicants. Select any field and click the Conditions icon to see the list of conditions or add a new one.

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Create quizzes or quote forms with calculations, save time and energy

Calculator feature helps you set values to the options in your forms. You can add or subtract a particular amount you defined in your calculations and reach a total sum. This final score can be the result of a quiz or a price quote that you automatically give to your customers.

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splashGeolocation Restriction
Geolocation Restriction

Collect data from people in a certain area

When you create a form to ask citizens in a particular city their opinion about some municipal services, you would want only people in that city to be able to fill it in.

splashGeolocation Restriction

Turn your online forms into Art

Customize the design of the form to reflect your personal taste or corporate identity. You can make your form stand out in the crowd easily with just a few clicks.

Payment Collection

Collect payment with PayPal and Stripe

Just add the Payment field to your form then set the currency and amount. If you want you can let the person who fills the form in enter the amount. If you have the Product Basket field in the form, you can automatically get the total amount of the Basket, too.

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splashPayment Collection
Product Basket

Sell online without a website

List your products or services with their pictures and prices easily. You can define options such as color or size for each one. You can categorize or show them as a list if there are too many products. You can manage stock amounts, too.

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Product Basket

Other Features

Direct Message

Add your phone number and let your respondents reach out to you via WhatsApp. When you enable direct message options and add your number, respondents of your form will see a small WhatsApp icon while filling out your form.

Quota Settings

Set submission or view limits for your form. Redirect your people to a website with an explanation if the limit is exceeded.

Custom Message

Change button, clue, and shortcut texts. This is an ideal feature for creating forms in any language allowing you to translate your form’s all texts.


Receive various notifications when your form is submitted such as push notifications and email notifications. You can also choose sending notifications to your respondents.

Form Embedding

Embed your form into your website with just a few clicks. Adjust size, copy the code, and paste to your website’s codes.

Publish-Unpublish Date

Set a date and time. Choose when your form will be available and when it will be out of service. You can always re-adjust the publish and unpublish dates.

Integrations is more than a great online survey tool.

Connect your Paypal or Stripe account and collect payment. You can also integrate to your favorite tools via Zapier and for example, update your Google Sheets every time your form is filled in.

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