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Are you looking for a practical and fast online survey maker?’s free online survey maker provides unlimited question types and the ability to personalize your survey design even in the free version. Create a survey online now and start collecting responses immediately.

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Explore the best online survey tool that works on mobile even better

As a free survey creator, has many features that enable you to create a variety of online surveys such as market research surveys and customer feedback surveys even on your mobile phone. We also offer several advanced survey questions, from multiple-choice questions to star rating and Likert scale.

Create a survey online

Create an online survey with our survey creator and customize its design in detail. You can also start with one of our beautiful survey templates, if you like.

Share and collect responses

Share your online survey on a website, on social media, or by email. Collect responses from respondents who may use any device and monitor them in real-time.

Enjoy the data

Once you collect your data - this may be customer feedback or peer evaluation at work -you can use it as you wish. Download your responses or integrate with third-party apps.

Conduct surveys of any size

No matter the number of respondents, is the easiest and most powerful survey tool.

As a free survey creator, has many features that enable you to create a variety of online surveys such as market research surveys and customer feedback surveys even on your mobile phone. We also offer several advanced survey questions, from multiple-choice questions to star rating and Likert scale.

Advanced features for smart surveys

Creating an online survey has never been easier. With many advanced features of, you can quickly create a powerful online survey and start collecting responses right away. Some of our advanced survey and questionnaire features include:

  1. Easy-to-use survey maker interface

  2. Drag and Drop to change the order of questions

  3. Quota management

  4. Step view layout for interactive survey filling experiences

  5. Customizable URL

  6. Scoring

  7. Conditional logic

  8. Location restriction

  9. A great variety of survey oriented question types

  10. Integrations with various third-party applications

Advanced features for smart surveysAdvanced features for smart surveys

Elegant survey templates for every need

As well as providing useful features, our free survey maker is also quite a time-saver when it comes to creating generic surveys and questionnaires. has many different Survey, Questionnaire, and Poll templates available for every kind of need.

Some of our popular survey templates include:

  • 360 Degree Feedback Survey

  • Employee Engagement Survey

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey

  • Product Feedback Survey

  • Market Research Survey

  • Client Satisfaction Survey

  • Website Questionnaire

and many other useful templates!

Elegant survey templates for every needform template
form template
form template
form template
form template
form template

Create online surveys smoothly’s simple and intuitive survey maker lets you create surveys and questionnaires within a couple of minutes without coding a single line. All you need to do is 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a survey from scratch or quickly start with a ready-made template.

  2. Add questions to your survey and modify them according to your needs.

  3. Adjust your general preferences such as notifications, response quota, location settings, etc.

  4. After creating your survey with our free survey tool, you can jump onto designing it without losing time.

Create online surveys smoothly
Create online surveys smoothly
Create online surveys smoothly

Design your surveys to look amazing’s sophisticated survey designer lets you reflect your creativity and taste or match your brand identity.

Customize your survey and questionnaire designs with our easy-to-use designer. Change colors, font and add your logo to look professional. You can also choose one of our available themes that suits you best and start getting responses quicker.

Form Design

Show relevant questions only and increase the response rate

Conditional logic or skip logic is a way of defining which questions your respondents can see according to their answers to the previous questions.

In order to avoid inconsistencies in your survey data and higher up your response rate, you must hide irrelevant questions and make your survey look as short as possible to the respondent. When you set a couple of correct conditional logic sequences before sharing your survey, it is much more likely that you will receive more responses and those responses will be consistent. This will help you to execute more well-targeted survey processes.

Evaluation at first glance: Scoring

The Calculator feature of is very useful not only for quizzes or evaluation forms, but also for surveys.

You can assign a value for each answer option of every question such as Single Selection, Multiple Selection, Picture Selection, Likert scale, etc. very easily. So that you can see the total score of each response as soon as the survey form is filled in. It is also up to you to show that score on Thank You page or not.

Improved survey filling experience with Step View

An online survey software must enable you to create surveys and questionnaires that your target audience would like to interact with.

Thanks to’s Step View layout, you can show each question of your survey individually and offer a much better interactive experience to your respondents. Moreover, showing a single question at a time to your respondents is a proven technique to improve your submission rate.

Share friendly URL of your survey

If you set the privacy setting of your survey form as “Public”, you can define a meaningful web address for it, such as 'market research for cryptocurrencies'. Anyone can access and fill in the survey form via this address. So that you can reach more people without knowing their contact details such as their emails or WhatsApp numbers. All you should do is to let people know the friendly URL of your survey.

Form builderShow relevant questions only and increase the response rate

Versatile reporting features

Once you have collected responses to your survey questions, you can use the data for your purposes instantly. provides a great variety of automatically generated survey statistics data. You can also view each response individually on the ‘Responses’ section and download them in Excel or CSV format. Moreover, lets you share results independently from your survey form.

Monitor the responses on the go

Monitor the responses on the go works as a survey creator seamlessly on the app that you can download from Google Play, App Store (iOS), and Huawei AppGallery and web browsers on your PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone. is the best tool also for monitoring the responses in real-time.

Download your data in a spreadsheet

Download your data in a spreadsheet

You can download your survey results in CSV and XLS formats. You may want to analyze them on your own platform or upload to a third-party application or just to keep data in an external storage and delete them from in order to free up your package capacity.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Integrate with your favorite tools

Integrating your survey with third-party applications may be of great importance. Thanks to integration with Zapier, it is very easy to fill in a new row on a Google Sheet or to capture lead information for mailing via MailChimp, whenever you get a new response.


The meaning of online survey is a web form that consists of a series of questions and also collecting data for various purposes such as feedback, evaluation, market research, etc.

The best free survey maker, without a doubt, is We offer all our great features for free plan users. There are many advanced features for creating complex surveys easily and collecting a lot of responses with our free survey maker.

You can create a free online survey on without coding a single line. Simply sign up here and start creating your free online survey right away!

There are some fundamental points when creating your survey questions. These are:

  • Choose the right question type
  • Be as explanative as possible
  • Include short descriptions for better understanding
  • Ask more targeted questions, such as asking a single question in a single field :-)
  • Don’t ask for information that you don’t need
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