Terms of Use

1. Parties:

a) forms.app OÜ is a legal entity having its registered address in Lasnamäe tn 4b-26, 11412 Harju, Tallinn / Estonia, running the commercial activities of www.forms.app shall be hereinafter referred to “Forms” in the contract.

b) Internet user which is member to the www.forms.app website (“Member”)

2. Subject of the Contract:

The subject of this contract is to determine the conditions of benefiting from the portal services which are presented through www.forms.app website.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Parties:

3.1. The member declares and undertakes that the personal and similar other information provided while being member to www.forms.app website are correct before the laws, and to shall compensate all of the damages and losses to be incurred because of the violation of Forms with the reality exactly and immediately. The member undertakes that it is not prohibited from receiving the services in accordance with the laws of the country of residence or in the other countries including the country in which the services are used.

3.2. The member could not give the password which is given t itself by Forms to the other person or corporations and the right of using the mentioned password belongs to the member in person. Forms reserves all kinds of rights of compensation and similar other requests resulting from the mentioned unauthorized usage of Forms, against all kinds of claims and requests to be put forward against Forms by the third persons or the authorized positions with the entire responsibility arising because of this reason. It agrees that the protection of the confidentiality of the passwords concerning all of the accounts which are used in access to the services and to inform Forms immediately whenever it realizes that its password is used without obtaining any authorization.

3.3. The member agrees and undertakes in advance to observe the provisions of the legal regulations while using www.forms.app website and the portal services which are presented by Forms and not to violate them in any manner. Otherwise, all of the legal and penal obligations to arise shall bind the member completely and exclusively.

3.4. The member could not use www.forms.app website and the portal services in any manner by means of disturbing the public order, in violation with the general ethical rules, in the manner disturbing and abusing the others, for an illegal purpose and by means of violating the copyrights and intellectual rights of the others and could not present the services received to the usage of the 3rd persons and could not make it subject for the commercial activities such as renting or presenting to sales. In addition to this, the member could not perform activities (spam, virus, Trojan horse, etc) and transactions which prevent or make difficult the usage of the services of the others.

3.5. The opinions and ideas which are declared, written and used by the members in ww.Forms.app web site are the personal opinions of the members themselves and the opinions bind the owners only. These opinions and ideas do not have any relationship with Forms. Forms does not have any responsibility because of the damages and losses to be incurred by the third persons because of the opinions and ideas to be declared by the member and the damages and losses arising from the actions and behaviors of the third persons to be incurred by the Customer during the usage of the services.

3.6. Forms shall not be responsible for using the member data by the unauthorized persons and for the damages and losses to the software and data. The member agreed in advance not to request any compensation from Forms because of any loss to be incurred because of using in www.forms.app website and portal services.

3.7. The member agreed not to reach or not to use the software and data of the other internet users without authorization. Otherwise, the legal and penal responsibilities arising from this belong to the member completely.

3.8. The member that violates one or several of the articles which are listed in this membership contract is responsible for such violation criminally and legally and shall keep Forms free from the legal and penal consequences of these violations. In addition to this; in case the event is transferred to the legal area because of this violation, then Forms reserves the right to make request of compensation because of the failure in complying with the membership contract against the member.

3.9. Forms always reserves the right to delete the membership of the member whenever it is considered necessary unilaterally and to delete the files, information and documents belonging to the customer. The member accepts this disposal in advance. In this case, Forms does not have any responsibility at all.

3.10. The completeness, accuracy, sufficiency and actuality of all kinds of information which takes part in www.forms.app website are not guaranteed and undertaken by Forms in any manner. The user could not claim that the information which takes part in its website and/or the portal services are faulty or they incur damages and losses based on such information. Forms could always change, correct and/or remove the mentioned information and/or portal services without further need of prior notification and/or notice in any manner or method. Forms took all kinds of measures in order to ensure that the www.forms.app website and portal services would be error free. In addition to this, no guarantee is given relating to the present or potential failures in the website.

3.11. Forms, company owners, managers, employees, persons who prepared the information taking part in this website and/or the portal services could not be kept responsible for the access to this www.forms.app website, all kinds of direct and/or indirect, material and/or moral positive and/or negative and in short all sorts of damages and losses resulting from the direct or indirect usage of the information taking part in the website and/or portal services.

3.12. All of the materials and documents which take part in, include but not limited with www.forms.app website are the property of Forms, and the copyrights and/or other intellectual property rights concerning these materials and documents are legally protected, and these materials and documents could not be used, acquired and modified by the member without authorization. The other companies and their products which are mentioned in this website are the trademarks of their owners and, in addition to this, these are in the coverage of the intellectual property rights. Forms has the property rights of the information, documents, software, designs, graphics etc works which are either produced by its own and/or purchased from outside and the propriety rights arising from the property. The members are obliged to show the necessary care for protecting the intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to the others. The members could install only the contents the copyrights of which belong to them into the system. If the member installs the writings, photographs, pictures, logos, videos and similar other contents the intellectual and industrial property rights of which belong to the others into the system without prior permission of the mentioned work and right owners, then Forms is entitled to remove the content which is subject of the violation from publication immediately and put an end to the membership of the members who realized this violation whenever it is considered necessary. The members that violate the intellectual and industrial property rights of the third persons are responsible for these violations and all kinds of damages and losses arising from these violations legally and criminally towards the third persons and the public organizations and corporations.

3.13. The materials and documents could not be modified, copied, reproduced and republished by the member in any manner in www.forms.app website.

3.14. Some information such as the name of the internet service provider which is used for getting access to the website in the frame of the legal regulations and/or for the purpose of improving and developing www.forms.app website by Forms and the Internet Protocol (IP) address, date and hour of access to the website, pages accessed while being in the website and the internet address of the website which ensure connecting to the website directly could be collected.

3.15. Forms could use the personal information of the members in the studies which are carried out for their related areas and according to the special preferences of the users for the usage in order to present better services to Forms users, to improve their products and services and facilitate the usage of the website. Forms reserves the right to accommodate the registration of the movements which are made on the www.forms.app website while taking the portal services of the member. Forms could make quote allocation in the size to be considered appropriate for keeping the files of the members. It has right to increase and decrease the quotations according to the specific needs. Forms is entitled to backup and delete some or all of the files, messages and information to be accommodated in the environment during the process of benefiting from the services by the members. Forms shall not be kept responsible because of the backup and deletion transactions.

3.16. Forms is entitled to publish information, documents, software, design, graphics, pictures etc works (such as the messages added to the board, poems, news, files and web pages, etc) which are installed into the system with their own free wills or produced by its members and/or to carry them to another place to be considered appropriate by Forms within the website. It is possible for such information published to be copied and/or published by the other users. In such cases, the member shall not request similar other price or copyright fees from Forms.

3.17. Forms could disclose the personal information of the member whenever it is required by legal obligation or whenever it is considered necessary (a) to act in compliance with the legal requirements or to comply with the legal transactions which are served to Forms or to www.forms.app website;(b) if considered necessary with goodwill whenever it is necessary to protect and defend the rights and property of Forms and www.forms.app website family.

3.18. The necessary measures are taken in the frame of the possible opportunities for making www.forms.app website free from the virus ad similar purposed software. In addition to this, the user should ensure provide its own virus protection system and to ensure the required protection in order to ensure the final security. In this respect, as the member enters into www.forms.app website, it is considered it is responsible for all of the errors to be formed in its own software and operating system and their direct or indirect results and consequences. www.forms.app could ensure passing the member to the other websites. In this case, the member agrees that Forms is not responsible for the contents of the web sites where it will pass.

3.19. Forms reserves to change the website contents at any time, to change or terminate any service which is provided to the users or to delete the user information and data which are registered in www.forms.app website. The applications concerning the data protection of Forms are stated below. This policy explains how your personal information and personal confidentiality are protected whenever you use the Forms services. Forms is fully authorized on the subject of using the personal information which is sent by the user for the purpose of necessary communication, promotion, goods delivery, advertisement etc purposes in the manner not violating the personal rights of the Forms could ensure passing the member to the other websites. In this case, the member agrees that Forms is not responsible for the contest of the websites where it will pass.

3.20. Forms is entitled to change the user name of the member at its sole discretion at any time throughout the term of the agreement.

3.21. While registering in a www.forms.app account, we request you to provide us with some personal information. We could combine the information which you sent through your account with the other information which we receive from the other www.forms.app services or from the third parties in order to ensure a better experience for you and enhance the quality of our services. We could provide the opportunity of preventing the combination of this kind of information for certain services. Forms provides these services together with or on behalf of your area administrator. Your administrator shall have access to your account information including your e-mail

3.22. Whenever you visit www.forms.app, we send one or more cookies to your computer or to the other equipment which you use. We benefit from cookies in order to record the user preferences, develop the search results and to develop the advertisement selections and observe the user tendencies such as how the persons make search. Forms also uses cookies which help presenting and administering the advertisements in the advertisement services, but also in www.forms.app services and on the web of the advertisers and publishers.

3.23. Whenever you reach the www.forms.app services through a browser, an application or another client, then our servers record some information automatically. These server logs could include the information such as your web request, your interaction with a service, Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, your request date and hour and those which identify your grower or account originally.

3.24. Whenever you establish contact by means of sending e-mail to Forms or by means of another method, we could save these communications in order to take your inquires into process, to respond your requests and to develop our services. Whenever you send SMS messages to our services which provide SMS function or whenever you receive SMS messages from these services, we could collect and save the information such as the telephone number associated with these messages, wireless communication operator, message content and transaction date and hour associated with the telephone number. We could use your e-mail address in order to contact you about our services.

3.25. We provide some of our services through other websites. The personal information which you give to these websites could be sent to www.forms.app in order to provide services.

3.26. www.forms.app could present to the usage some third party applications such as gadgets or extensions through its services. Whenever you realize an application belonging to the third party, the information which is collected by www.forms.app is processed. The information which is collected by the third party applications is managed by their own confidentiality policies of the mentioned applications.

3.27. In addition to aforesaid, we could use the information which we collect for the following purposes: To present, continue, protect and improve our services (including the advertisement services), and to develop new services; and to protect the property rights of Forms or those of our users.

3.28. Forms could change, update or cancel the conditions of the membership contract at any time without any prior notification and/or official warning notice in any manner or method. Each provision modified, updated or invalidated shall be valid with regard to all of the members on the date of publication. Forms could open additional services and could change some services either in part or in full or could make them against charge.

3.29. Not only Forms could make changes in the application of this contract without being obliged to notify the members for the purpose of complying with the related written regulations and the technical obligations arising in the future but also it could change, cancel present articles or could add new articles.

3.30. On forms.app, if you fill in a form while logged into your own forms.app account: your name and surname appears on the form owner's form response data.

4. Validity of Forms records:

The parties agree and declare that all of the computer records belonging to Forms shall be taken into consideration in full compliance with the laws properly and as only and actual exclusive evidences and the mentioned records shall establish an evidence contract accordingly.

5. Termination of the Contract:

Forms could terminate this contract at any time desired.

6. Validity

Making membership registration by the member implies that he read all of the articles which take part in the membership contract and accepted the articles which take part in the membership contract. This Contract is executed at the moment of being member of the member and then came into force mutually.

7. Governing Law and Resolution of Disputes

This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the EU, without giving effect to choice of law principles. All disputes and controversies arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of EU Courts and Execution Offices.

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