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Free Package includes all features and you can experience even before you register.

Mobile First

You can use your form creator with your mobile phone even better.


Access your forms and records anytime, anywhere and with any device.

Big data? Easy.

You can collect millions of records with a form that is built easily.

Collect Data of Any Size can handle millions of records in a minute.

Limit of the number of records is 250/month for Free Package which includes all features and 100.000/month for Premium Package. Contact Us if you need more capacity.


Easy with intuitive design

Create beautiful online forms such as Customer Satisfaction Survey, Contact Us Form, Job Application Form, Registration Form, Payment & Sales Order Form etc. easily even with your mobile phone. Customize design of the form to reflect your personal taste or corporate identity.

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Same form, different platforms

Share your form with millions of customers or just a few friends. You can share your form on social media, Whatsapp or your website with just a few clicks. Each form has a unique QR Code that you can print and share. You can also share the records or just the statistics independent from the form itself.

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See results instantly

Analize records instantly. No matter how big the number of records is, you can see the statistics of fields such as single or multiple selection immediately. is also an outstanding HTML form builder. You can easily embed all your forms or records on your website.

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Powerful Features

Powerful Features

Private: Only you can see your form. Limited: Only certain people can access your form and its records through 'Shared with me' section on MyForms page. Unlisted: Only people with whom you share your form's unique link can access the form. Public: Everyone can see your Public form as it's indexed by the search engines.

List view displays all form fields on a single page and one under the other while Step view layout shows each form field on a different page.

You can show or hide specific form fields according to previous answers.

Receive submissions only from people within a certain kilometer radius. If you choose to receive submission from people within 20 kilometers radius, no one out of specified radius can fill out your form.

Taking your form's design to another level is possible with Animated Backgrounds: More dynamic and more attractive.

List your products and services along with pictures and prices, adjust each one’s color and size. It’s also possible to categorize your products and add stock information.

Collect payments through PayPal and Stripe processors. Just add the payment form field to your form, choose which processor to use, connect your account and start collecting payment.

Integrate your favorite applications with via Zapier. For example, get notifications on Slack anytime your form is filled in or generate leads by integrating your forms with Pipedrive.

Integrations is more than a great online survey tool.

Connect your Paypal or Stripe account and collect payment. You can also integrate to your favorite tools via Zapier and for example, update your Google Sheets every time your form is filled in.


Any device, any platform works seamlessly on the app that you download from App Store or Google Play Store (AppGallery soon) and web browsers on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone.

Any device, any platform