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Google Sheets Integration

If you want to record, organize, or manage your data effectively, Google Sheets is a great application you can rely on. However, it, most of the time, requires you to do some manual work. This is a tiring process, especially if you are entering the data all by yourself.’s google sheets integration will help you record your data in real-time to your spreadsheets.

How to enable the Google Sheets integration

Whether you want to transfer your data to spreadsheets to have a copy of it, use it for advanced data visualization, or for some other reasons, you can automatically do this by setting up’s Google Sheets integration. With this integration, you will be able to do all of these and more.

1.   Go to the settings page, after completing your form:

2.   There you can click on “integrations” and select "Google Sheets"

3.   Login to your Google account and authorize the access

4.   You can select an existing spreadsheet or create a new one for recording form responses

5.   After selecting a spreadsheet, simply click on “save

Now, the responses will be added to the spreadsheet whenever your visitors submit a form. Each form field has its own column, and they are lined up respectively.

You can now use these data records for countless purposes. Try out’s Google Sheets integration today and transfer data automatically!