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Microsoft Excel Integration

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application mostly used for data analysis, storing, and visualization. However, bringing your data to Excel can be hard, or worse if you enter it manually. With’s Excel integration, you can bypass this manual process and have your data on an excel document automatically.

How to enable the Microsoft Excel integration

You can easily transfer the data you collected on to Microsoft Excel. But how? Well, by integrating Excel with your online forms, you can simply sit back and watch do the job for you. Here are the steps you should follow:

1.   First, make sure you have finished your form and go to the “settings”:

2.   There, you can click on “integrations”, then select “Microsoft Excel”:

3.   Simply connect with your Microsoft account and authorize access:

4.   Then, all that is left is to select an Excel workbook or choose the “create a new workbook” option:

Now, each time you receive a submission, the form responses will be automatically added to the workbook you have selected.

Whether you want to store your data on somewhere else or use Excel for advanced visualization,’s Excel integration will be more than enough for you.

Enable the Excel integration by following these few simple steps and try it out for yourself for free!