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Enable form notifications

By setting up notifications, you can get instantly notified of new submissions. 

On, you can send notifications to yourself or the respondent in multiple ways. Since these notification emails can easily be modified, it is possible to create a notification format for each of your forms. Aside from sending emails, you also have the option to receive push notifications for each form submission.

How to set up self notifications?

Enabling notifications is quite easy and includes a few simple steps.

1- Click the settings button on the edit page: Once the settings menu is opened, you will see the notification settings option on the left side:

2- Toggle on the email notifications switch after clicking on the Notify to my email address:

3- Email notifications are automatically sent to your email address.

Did you know?

  You can send notifications to multiple email addresses by upgrading your plan.  

How to customize notification emails?

In addition to sending email notifications, you can also customize them by using the variables.

1- Edit the texts you would like to see and add variables by clicking the plus button or typing @:

2- Change the content of the notification emails. Your form title, form url, and answers to the questions are shown in the emails, by default. However, you can change texts and add only the answers you would like to see.

Please visit the next article by clicking here to learn about sending emails to the respondents. For more advanced versions you can also try sending custom emails by using integrations.

If you have more questions about sending email notifications, please contact us.