50 Great business survey questions for your next questionnaire

Mar 02, 2023 11 min read
50 Great business survey questions for your next questionnaire

Eren Eltemur

Trying to expand your business requires a lot of knowledge. Making business decisions, future plans, and strategies is key to achieving success. But the real question is, where should I start? How to obtain this knowledge? We invite you to join this journey with a business survey to achieve this success. Understanding and conducting a business survey is the first step to this success.

For this reason, you will learn what a business survey is in this article. What are the different types of business surveys, and how to evaluate your business through collecting customer opinions, experiences, and suggestions? To get answers to these questions, you must ask the right questions and gathered 50 survey questions that business owners can use in their business surveys.

What is a business survey?

A business survey is a way to gather information from clients and employees through survey questions such as market research questions, demographic questions, customer satisfaction questions, and customer feedback. By employing the right survey, you can get a better understanding of target customers and potential customers and improve your product or service. 

5 Types of business surveys 

There are different types of business forms & surveys with specific purposes, and each aims to gather different types of information.  Here we listed some common business survey types for different data-gathering purposes. You can use online surveys and forms to grow your businesses

1  - Customer surveys

Customer surveys are types of surveys that focus on gathering various data from customers. Customer retention surveys and customer satisfaction surveys are valuable ways to measure customer satisfaction and how to hold them in a particular brand. This information gathered from customers can be used to improve the products and services. Also, it can be helpful for identifying areas where companies focus their efforts and funds to achieve customer happiness.

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2  - Employee surveys

These types of surveys focus on gathering data from employees to improve the effectiveness and workflow while giving importance to employee happiness. You can use employee satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, exit surveys, or other evaluation surveys to improve your workflow. 

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3  - Brand recognition

These types of surveys aim to measure brand awareness. Using brand recognition surveys can be helpful in improvements on brands' marketing and advertising efforts and also measure the effectiveness of former decisions and strategies.

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4  - Product surveys

Product research surveys focus on product improvement by gathering data from customers and developers. Learning suggestions and opinions on the product beforehand allow businesses to make improvements by identifying errors in product design and functionality. 

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5  - Market surveys

Market research surveys are focused on analyzing information on the market, competitors, consumers, and target audience. It gives valuable insights into consumer preferences and market strategies that directly influence overall business planning.

50 business survey questions for your company surveys

In this article, we have gathered 50 great business survey questions for company surveys. You can use these pre-made survey questions to finalize your survey quickly. These questions are focused on different aspects of a company. You can find questions that focus on customers, employees, products, and market research.  

Business survey questions for customer service evaluation

1  - On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with the level of customer service in your latest interaction?

2  - Was the customer service representative polite and professional?

3  - How likely are you to use our customer service in the future?

4  - Was the customer service representative able to resolve your issue?

5  - On a scale of 1-10, do you consider contacting the customer service team easy?

6  - What could we change to improve your experience with our customer service?

#1 Business survey question example

#1 Business survey question example

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Business survey questions for customer satisfaction

7  - What feature do you appreciate most about our brand?

8  - What do you think are our 3 aspects that need improvement?

9  - How easy was it for you to reach our customer support teams?

10  - Could you easily reach the purchasing platforms of our product?

11  - What is the most important feature that distinguishes us from our competitors?

12  - How satisfied are you with [product/service]?

13  - How likely are you to recommend us to others?

#2 Business survey question example

#2 Business survey question example

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Business survey questions for market research

14  - Where did you see and buy our product/service?

15  - Where did you hear about [Product/Service]?

16  - What other brands do you prefer besides us? Why?

17  - Would you recommend us to your friends or family?

18  - What was the biggest reason for you to shop from us?

19  - To what extent do advertisements about the brand affect your purchase?

20  - Are our rates competitive with those of other companies operating in the same industry?

#3 Business survey question example

#3 Business survey question example

* * *

Business survey questions for product development

21  - How satisfied are you with the product performance?

22  - What are the features you most like about the product?

23  - Have you encountered any problems or difficulties with the product?

24  - How do our products solve your problems? 

25  - Which feature do you think is necessary to add to improve our product?

26  - How easy or difficult is our product to use?

27  - What influences your purchase more—the item's quality or price?

28  - What should the optimal pricing be?

#4 Business survey question example

#4 Business survey question example

* * *

Business survey questions for brand recognition

29  - What is the major motivation for trying this brand for the first time?

30  - Do you have any suggestions about our brand and how we present ourselves to the public?

31  - How likely are you to recommend our brand to a friend or colleague?

32  - Have you heard of our brand before?

33  - How do you think our brand compares to competitors?

34  - What image comes to mind when you hear our company name?

35  - What could we change to enhance your opinion of our brand?

36  - Do you believe that other individuals would quickly recognize and remember our company name?

#5 Business survey question example

#5 Business survey question example

* * *

Business survey questions for employee satisfaction

37  - Is your salary satisfying you enough?

38  - Do events at the company motivate you to work harder?

39  - What other activities would you prefer to do?

40  - Do you think your communication with your manager and colleagues is good enough?

41  - Do you think your ideas are valued at work?

42  - Is your job as you dreamed? And do you love doing it?

43  - Do you think your achievements are appreciated enough?

#6 Business survey question example

#6 Business survey question example

* * *

Business survey questions for employee evaluation

44  - What motivates you most in your job?

45  - What are your strengths and weaknesses? And how do they affect your profession?

46  - What steps could you take, in your opinion, to enhance your overall job performance?

47  - How pleased are you with the company's prospects for learning and growth?

48  - What was the biggest challenge for you this year? how did you overcome it?

49  - What is the job position you want to work in in the future?

50  - What is your happiest job-related moment?

#7 Business survey question example

#7 Business survey question example

Question types to use in your business surveys

The fundamental elements of any online form are form fields. They enable businesses to learn more about the target audience. There are a few different alternatives to use in a survey to create complex and detailed questions. Here is a list of form fields that can be used in business surveys.

Some of the most used form fields include choice questions, such as single selection, multiple selections, picture selection, and selection matrix. Also, you have a variety of text field options, such as short text and long text. And for a more straightforward method, you can also include yes/no questions in your surveys to get definite answers. 

  • Single selection: Enables responders to choose only one option.
  • Multiple selections: Enables responders to choose multiple options. 
  • Picture selections: You can present multiple or single-choice questions with visual options. 
  • Selection matrix: Offers a more straightforward method for responders.
  • Short text: You can use short text if you ask a question that requires manual typing with short answers.
  • Long text: The long text is used for more detailed questions that require manual typing.
  • Yes/No: It is a closed-type question and helps collect definite answers to questions with only two options: yes and no.

How to create a business survey

You can create a business survey with for free. Easily customize your pre-made business survey template. Make use of different features to add multiple layers to your questions. Creating professional and eye-pleasing surveys with requires no coding knowledge, which is good news. Create your surveys, edit your form fields, and customize your design. Adjust your general settings afterward, and then you can share your business survey right away. To create a business survey, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose a template:  With more than 1000 ready-made templates, you can find the suitable template that matches your needs.
  2. Edit your form fields: Edit and personalize your form field and add multiple layered and detailed questions to your surveys with the alternative form fields.
  3. Customize the design: Creating eye-pleasing designs with is an easy task. Choose from themes and change your colors to create a survey that suits your brand colors. 
  4. Adjust your general settings: Don't forget to check the general settings. You can find a useful welcome and thank you page there. Also, you can enable CAPTCHA and disable multiple submissions.
  5. Publish and Share: You can share your survey with a simple link or use social media sharing options and embed it on your website. 


In conclusion, you can easily create and customize your business survey with these 50 great questions focusing on different types. Use different types of form fields to improve your survey and create professional business surveys with for free. Here are some pre-made example business surveys for your use. You can either use them directly or customize them to match your taste.