7 great form types you can use for your business

Mar 09, 2022 7 min read
7 great form types you can use for your business Team

Forms are essential for many businesses, but it can be challenging to create them all by yourself. For this reason, using a form builder is a great idea. Here are 7 form types (and templates 😉) that will help you with various tasks like keeping track of clients, selling new products, planning events, and more!

How to find the right template for your needs?

  1. Decide what type of form you need: There are many different types of forms, so it's important to know what you need before you start looking. Are you creating a new form for employee files?  Purchase orders? A customer database? Once you know what type of form you need, it will be much easier to find a template that fits your needs.
  2. Consider your business size: Not all templates are designed for businesses of all sizes. Some templates are designed for small businesses, while others are geared towards larger corporations. Depending on your needs and resources, you might want to look for a template that fits the size of your business.
  3. Determine how much customization is needed: Some templates require very little customization, while others need more work before they can be used in your business. If it's easy to make this document your own, you might want to look for a template with fewer design requirements.

Awesome online forms and templates

For the many kinds of forms you need, an online form builder is the tool you use. With’s free to use templates of many different form types, you can create beautiful forms with no effort! Here are some examples and ideas:

Feedback forms

In many instances where getting some feedback is beneficial, creating an online feedback form is likely to be the superior method. It’s easier to see and manage all of the answers as well. You can find a lot of useful feedback form templates to get it done quickly!

Customer surveys

Online customer surveys are a great way to get feedback from your customers. They can provide valuable insights. With’s free HTML form generator, you can embed your feedback form onto your web page easily.

Registration forms

Registration forms are especially useful for businesses that have a large number of people to cater. They can be used to collect information about customers or clients, and they can also be used to track important data about the people who are doing business with you.

Job application forms

Job application forms can be a challenge to create, but with the right template it can be easy! Our form templates are designed to help you collect information about the applicants and their qualifications. Several of them also include fields for references.

Contact forms

Contact forms allow people to contact you with questions, complaints, or suggestions. They can be made using an html form builder to be available on your web page. Most importantly, in time, they can help automate your marketing process.

Consent forms

Consent forms protect both the company and the customer by ensuring that all parties are aware of what is happening and have agreed to it. You can easily make use of HTML form makers to have these forms on your page. Here are consent form templates that you can use in your business! 

Report forms

Online report forms provide a convenient way for individuals or businesses to submit reports. They can be used to collect information from customers, employees, or other individuals. Reports can be submitted online using a form, which can then be automatically processed and analyzed. This allows businesses to collect data quickly and easily.

With the many benefits of using an online form builder, you will save lots of time and get more value out of your forms. you will find many useful features such as online payment field, conditional logic, and more. To begin, either create a form by yourself or choose one of the templates above to get started right away!


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