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Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Having happy customers often means having happy managers and successful businesses. So, in order to increase your sales, you have to find various ways to ensure customer satisfaction. And a customer satisfaction survey provides a great way to collect feedback from buyers. Get started today with’s free customer satisfaction survey template and improve customer experience in no time!

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template


Why use an online customer satisfaction survey?

Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in improving your products and eventually increasing your sales. If customers are satisfied and have pleasant experiences with your products or services, you can become regular and loyal customers of your company. With constant feedback, keeping the existing customers and maintaining a good customer experience will be possible and become easier. Here are some reasons listed to help you see how beneficial it can be to use an online satisfaction survey:

  • Maintain your quality standards: With the right feedback questions, you can easily learn the features of your product that the customers like and the ones they do not. This will allow you to keep your favorite features and start working on the issues. As you will be aware of any change in customer behavior as well, you will have a chance to not only maintain but improve your product quality considerably.
  • Create a loyal customer base: Loyal customers play an important role in maintaining your sales and expanding your company. As loyal customers will advertise for you by just using your products constantly, you have to make sure to collect feedback from them and provide a consistent customer experience for them. 
  • Improve your business strategy: Before changing an approach, you must find and define the issues. That’s why you should use a customer satisfaction survey to collect data about customer expectations and your performance to meet them. You can easily start collecting feedback by creating a survey form by opening this customer satisfaction survey sample.
  • Reduce paperwork and save time: Furthermore, you will be able to automate the feedback collection job and save time. People can fill out the survey everywhere, at any time. So you will have more responses with no extra effort. You will be able to review the results online with additional statistics to help you with the review process. Create your form with’s free customer satisfaction survey template and work smarter and more productively.


How to create an outstanding customer satisfaction survey?

Sometimes measuring customer satisfaction can be a little tricky. This is true, especially if you are unsure about what questions to ask and how to ask them. But a few points will help you create excellent online surveys for your business. Further,’s completely free survey templates to measure customer satisfaction, and handy features will get you started instantly.

  • Keep the survey shorter and simpler: Today, it is a well-known fact that people do not want to spend their time with too long and boring surveys. Therefore, you have to make sure your survey includes only the necessary questions and has a simple yet engaging appearance. By creating a survey with these features, you will increase response rates and attract more people in a shorter period of time.
  • Add questions to specify the issues: Asking specific questions to your customers will help you determine which product features are liked and which ones have problems. This way, you will easily learn which issues you should focus on and fix them right away. Furthermore, you have to ensure that these questions are not too specific and won’t scare the survey participants off.
  • Design your form to make it as engaging and professional as possible: A good design is essential to get more people to fill out your customer satisfaction survey. So, having a professional-looking design will definitely help you reach more people. Also, it will demonstrate that you care for them and your company. And offers multiple choices for you when it comes to the design of your survey. You can use the professional design of this free customer satisfaction survey sample, choose one of the ready-to-use themes, or design your survey form from scratch.
  • Use some metrics to have clear results: Having an exact score helps you see the market performance of your product or how effectively your customer service is working. As for measuring customer satisfaction, these two main metrics can be useful and provide comparable results: Net Promoter Score (NPS), for measuring the chances of the customers recommending your brand to their friends and colleagues, and Customer Effort Score (CES), for measuring how easy to use your product or services.


How to customize your customer satisfaction survey effectively?

The customer satisfaction survey template comes with all the standard questions you may need to measure the satisfaction rate of your clients. However, you may need to add custom questions in order to optimize your survey better for your business. This way, you will have more clear and more accurate results. And thanks to its advanced yet easy-to-use options, editing your survey on will only take a couple of minutes.

In addition to the practical editing features, also offers quite helpful and quick options for designing your survey. For starters, the template for the customer satisfaction survey has a professional-looking and basic design. So, you can use the survey sample without changing how it looks or customize it to make it truly yours. After opening the sample, you will have immediate access to a free library of themes and advanced design options. But there is more! Thanks to’s user-friendly interface, you will easily edit or design your survey without any coding experience!

How to choose the best options for your customer satisfaction survey?

Once you have completed your customer satisfaction survey, you will have various options about the survey itself and publishing. For example, you can enable a thank-you page for your customers or send them automated emails about their submissions. Also, you can set a publishing date for your survey. This way, you will collect data during a certain period of time. 

Finally, offers you numerous sharing options. You can easily post your customer satisfaction survey on social media, send them via email to a certain number of participants, or embed it into a website. Create your questionnaire with this customer satisfaction survey template and provide a pleasant customer journey!

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  • Add questions to your surveys or edit them
  • Collect real-time data
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