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How to customize your form design?

Form design plays a vital role in any type of form you create. Before answering the questions, the respondents will decide if an online form looks engaging or professional with a single glance. That’s why offers numerous design options and ready-to-use themes for your online forms. Let’s see how you can easily customize your forms and create the right effects on respondents.

Select a theme

How awesome would it be to have your form designs in seconds? That’s right; you have the option to use form themes to change your form design instantly. All you have to do is click on themes and select an expertly designed theme for your form. Learn more about themes here.

Change colors

Whether you apply a theme or customize your forms from scratch, you can change colors in your forms. From the main color to the answer color, you can change colors and the general aura of your online form. Check out the related article on colors to see your options in detail.

Choose a new background image

While colors work wonders as background, you may also use images. On the customize menu, easily select an image from Unsplash or upload it from your device. By vising the related articles, you can check out how to choose a background image.

Select a view type offers two view types for any form; step view and list view. In step view, people will see your questions one by one, while in list view, all fields will be visible from the start. You can easily change view types on the design tab. 

Populate your forms with images

It is possible to make your forms more engaging and eye-catching by adding some image content. All you have to do is add an image content field and upload/select awesome photos for your online forms. With the same method, you can also display your company logo on your forms and adjust its size. 

Access the ultimate freedom with CSS

In addition to advanced customization options, offers a CSS panel for you to change your form designs freely. Check out our CSS article and see a few examples to get started.

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