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Choose your colors

Colors tell a lot about everything. This is also true for your forms, so you should choose the form colors wisely. Luckily, you have all the options on; you can stick to classics and always stay professional or you can go wild and try out many colors & combinations.

1- Firstly, go to the Customize section on the Design page:

2- There you will see some color buttons and their descriptions. You can edit the color codes or click on these colors to open the color pallet:

3- On the color pallet, you can pick a standard color by clicking on them or you can pick your custom color:

4- Once you have selected a color, you can adjust its transparency through the Alpha channel:

5- Changes will be reflected immediately. When you find a color you like, click elsewhere on the menu and proceed to choose other colors:

⚡ Stunning! In addition to selecting custom colors, you can also choose a custom background image for your form. To learn more about it, please visit the next article: “Upload custom background images from your device