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Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Employee satisfaction is essential to keeping the company functional and getting the best performance from employees. High employee morale will lead to having a healthy workplace and more successful teams. With an employee satisfaction survey, you can easily measure the satisfaction levels and collect employee feedback. For a faster survey-making process, use’s great employee satisfaction survey template now!

Employee Satisfaction Survey Template


Why use an online employee satisfaction survey?

Today, it is a well-known fact that you have to keep your employees satisfied in order to grow your market share. Happy employees will act genial and be more cheerful when dealing with customers. So, you have to learn how the employees feel about their job, work environment, and the company in general. But, there are a lot more reasons why you should use an online employee satisfaction survey.

  • Finding out the problems at the workplace: By collecting direct feedback from employees may help you see some issues. If employees are dissatisfied with their working conditions, both physically and socially, or with their managers, it can be clearly seen from the survey results.
  • Improving employee experience: Once you know what are the problems and what causes them, you can easily start solving them. For example, if employees are unhappy about their work-life balance, you may adjust the working hours or days. Also, seeing you actually care about them, they will feel more valuable and work more effectively.
  • Forming more effective teams: Another advantage of using an employee satisfaction survey is getting to know your employees better. So, if they complain about their team members or their departments, you will be able to arrange the teams for more cooperation and effectiveness.


How to create a great employee satisfaction survey and get better results’s completely free employee feedback survey template comes with general questions and field types. Therefore, you will be able to create your custom survey much faster and easier. In fact, you can even use the questionnaire sample without any need for change. But, in order to receive more clear results, you may add your own questions or edit the existing ones according to your preferences.

  • Make sure your questions will bring clear answers: In order to receive responses that will show the strong and weak points clearly, you have to ask deliberate questions. This way, the results will be more clear and give something to work with.
  • Choose the right form fields: Another factor you need to consider when adding your questions is choosing the right question types. For instance, you can use a Likert scale to have an exact score when measuring job satisfaction. On the other hand, you may add open-ended questions to collect detailed feedback on career development and working conditions. The question types on the free employee satisfaction survey templates on may also give you ideas about this matter.
  • Provide anonymity: Sometimes, employees may avoid sharing their true opinions when their names will be public. So, you have to make the personal questions optional or not add them to the employee satisfaction survey at all. By doing this, you will be able to measure employee satisfaction more accurately.
  • Make sure your survey looks simple and professional: An elegant design shows that greatness is a part of your company culture. Also, having a good design will show you care about your employees and affect employee motivation positively. Once you have opened the free employee satisfaction survey sample, you will have a really basic and professional design. However, this is not all. You will also have numerous handy options and free themes for customizing your survey with no effort.


How to customize your employee satisfaction survey

Once you have opened the employee satisfaction survey, you will have many options to change the content of your questionnaire, such as converting the field types, adding conditions, and many more. Once you have added all the questions, simply head over to the design menu to create a clean-looking survey. And lastly, decide the best options from the form settings and share your form with employees. Use this employee satisfaction survey template today and create your questionnaire for free!

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