7 critical points to consider when creating your web form

Jan 21, 2022 5 min read
7 critical points to consider when creating your web form

Defne Çobanoğlu

Having a website for your business is a great start for succeeding. However, creating helpful web forms allows your services and products to be more accessible. Nobody likes complex websites, and nobody likes filling out long and boring forms for sure. That is why building the perfect web form that is the most suitable for your company is the ultimate key to your success.

With a simple and FREE web form that you create with one of the templates of, you can accomplish numerous remarkable things. For example, you can accept enrolments to your party with an online event registration form, or you can collect orders and payments with an online order form. By choosing the right template and customizing it according to your desire, you will be one step ahead of all your competitors!

How can web forms transform your business?

Different aspects of life go online every other day, and so does the business world. If you own a business or are part of a community keeping up with technology is crucial. It is essential both for you and your target audience. 

As a web form builder, offers form templates that help assemble powerful forms. Instead of going through tiring paperwork, you can create a web form free of charge and ease the process. The benefits of online web forms are great:

  • They help save time
  • They help with the registration process
  • They reduce workload
  • They keep results organized
  • They are easy to share to email addresses or as a link

What to consider when creating web forms?

Using web forms on your website page or social media accounts is a great idea to help your business. However, web form creation can be stressful if you do not know the proper steps. By knowing these 7 tips, you can have the most excellent forms to help you.

1 - Choose the appropriate template offers a variety of templates you can choose from. You can obtain the best possible results by selecting the correct template. For instance, if you want to reach your customers and know more about their shopping experience, you can use a client feedback form. Thanks to that form, you can easily collect the data you need. You can check our to learn more about creating feedback forms.

Another example could be a different scenario. Let us say you have a web page for your business, and you want your customers to reach you effortlessly. Using a website contact form template, you can start collecting submissions today.

2 - Keep it simple

It is a known fact that when something seems too complicated, most people will not even try. Therefore, having a simple structure is crucial when building your form. To achieve this goal, you may keep your questions short and only ask what is important. If you only ask what you need to know, you can keep the form short and simple.

 3 - Have different types of questions

Whatever the purpose of your online forms, having a sound structure affects the outcome. If you ask only open-ended questions, you may miss out. Therefore, try using open-ended questions, multiple-choice queries, and yes/no sections. That way, you can quickly get into the necessary details.

4 - Set conditions on questions allows you to use conditional logic on forms. Let us say you are organising an event. And you want to use an online event registration form to ease the registration process. You can arrange conditions on your form to get the most accurate and detailed information. 

For example, the conditions could be as; if the person chooses the option attending, show them this question afterwards, or if they choose the option not attending, show them this next question to ask the reason why. This will help go into necessary details on your form or survey questions. If you want, you can learn more about how to create an online registration form on the blog of

5 - Use metrics to have clear results

If you want to know if your customers are satisfied with your service or product, customer satisfaction surveys are a must to have on your page. And, using metrics to get accurate information is the key. 

For example, the first method is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). And, it is for measuring the chances of your customers to recommend your brand to their friends or colleagues. The other one is the Customer Effort Score (CES). It measures how easy it is to use your products or customer services. Visit to know more about customer satisfaction metrics.

6 - Keep your notifications on

Knowing about new submissions is important when you want to sell something. However, it is equally important when you send a job application form. If you're going to hire somebody, checking your emails and trying to find your way in many CVs and cover letters may be time-consuming. İnstead, keep your notifications on always to be informed when a new one is submitted. Visit to learn more about how to create a professional job application form.

7 - Safely collect payments 

When you have your web forms online, safety is a major issue. You need to complete your part perfectly to achieve the best results. So, one of the things you can do is enable CAPTCHA, an online means to prevent spam. Also, using one of the safe online payment gateways offers are a must. Afterward, you do not have to mind collecting payments and happily go about your day.

Start one step ahead

Working smart is crucial in a competitive market where every business wants to be the best. And, by keeping these 7 critical points in mind when constructing your web forms, your business will succeed. Moreover, you should use the most suitable online form. That form could be an order form, contact form, booking form, or lead generation form. After choosing the template, making proper adjustments are super easy and fun. Having a successful web form with is that easy.