CV Application Form Template

A CV application form helps you collect resumes or cover letters for your job postings. With this form, people will be able to share their information and upload curriculum vitae to apply for a job. By using’s online CV application form template, you can create your form in a matter of minutes!

CV Application Form Template


Why use an online CV application form?

If you are looking for employees for open positions in your business, you have to make sure that they are qualified for the job. And one of the easiest ways of learning this is to look at their resumes. So, this is where the online CV application form comes in. Online job application forms allow job seekers to apply for a job anywhere. Similarly, you will be able to review the applications anywhere and anytime. So basically, an online CV application form will make the job application form easier and flexible for both sides.

But these are not all! No matter your business area, you will want to receive a professional CV and job application. Luckily online CV application forms will provide a perfect application layout for job seekers. So, you will easily keep track of all the information. You can also change the layout as you want after selecting’s free CV application form template.   

How to create a proper CV application form?

Some businesses may follow different programs for CV/job applications than others. But there are some common things to consider when accepting CV applications.

  • Add job descriptions: Whether you are looking for people for a single position or multiple positions, explaining the work before the submission may help you find suitable candidates for the job. It also provides valuable insight for job seekers.
  • Add some questions before a CV upload field: Some details, such as name, contact information, and cover letter may help with sorting the records later. This way, you will easily review the forms and have a general idea about the applications. Remember long and detailed questions, such as education and work experience preferably are not asked since they are already in the resume.
  • Enable auto-responses: After people submit the form, opening a thank-you page, or sending them an automated email about their submission. This way, they will know that their job application has been successfully completed. 

How to edit your CV application form?’s free CV application form template offers you the best layout for job applications. As a matter of fact, you can use the sample without changing anything. But ıf you want to make changes, helps you with that as well. With’s powerful editing features, you can easily change the questions, remove them, or add new questions for the candidates. And it is also possible to add some conditions for the questions. Open the edit page and discover the infinite possibilities!

How to design your CV application form? provides a highly customizable CV application form template for your form. So, you can almost change every aspect of your form with a few clicks. And regardless of how complex you want your form to be, it will only take a couple of minutes to finish the design. Thanks to’s user-friendly interface, you can decide all the things by selecting the relevant option and you do not need any coding skills. But if you know how to code, also provides a CSS menu for your advanced designs. 

After using’s CV application form template, you can easily choose one of the free and ready-to-use themes for a quicker process or adjust every point manually. On the design menu, feel free to change the colors, font, or background. When you complete the design, you can press the eye button to preview how the form will look on other devices.

How to review the applications?

As for reviewing the responses, offers various options for this process. On the responses page, you can either view the forms individually or as a list. Also, you have numerous sorting options for the responses. For example, you can view them in chronological, or reverse chronological order. These options will give you all the flexibility you need when reviewing the responses.

As a prospective employer, starting the hiring process online is really a wise choice. This way, you both use the technology for your benefit and show that you support innovations in your business. After finishing your form, you can post it on your social media accounts, or embed it into your website. Use’s online CV application form template and start accepting online applications!


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