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How to set conditions for your questions

Are you looking for a seamless way to make your forms tailored for every respondent? Then’s conditions feature will help you do just that, and more. By using our conditional logic feature you can show or hide some questions based on your respondents' actions.

In order to use conditions, simply choose the field you want to base your conditions on and then specify what should happen when the conditions are met. You can then add as many fields as you like and they will only be shown if the conditions are met. This can be a great way to collect more detailed information from your respondents without overwhelming them. Here are the steps you should follow:

1  - Head over to the “conditions” tab after adding your questions

2  - Choose a question and choose a condition

3  - Then specify what happens when this condition is met

4  - You can select as many fields as you have to show or hide

5  - Preview how your conditions work

6  - Proceed to share your form

You can also get more information on conditions and learn how many condition types are out there, by visiting the next article.