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Choice Questions

Choice questions are a simple and elegant way for any type of survey or form. Your visitors will simply select one of the answers and move on to the following field. In addition, it will be easy to review choice questions thanks to’s advanced result & statistics page. Explore your options now and choose the best choice question for your forms!

Single Selection 

The single selection field enables you to add questions with multiple options and enables your respondents to choose only one of them. If you believe this field type fits your forms, you can learn more about it here and use single selection fields in your forms.

Multiple Selection

The multiple selection form field lets you ask multiple-choice questions with several options. Unlike single choice questions, however, your respondents may choose more than one option. Visit the related article to discover what else a multiple selection field offers.

Picture Selection

Picture selection is a form field that enables you to present your respondents multiple or single-choice questions with visual options. See your option in detail by visiting this article.

Dropdown Selection

A classy way of asking questions - The dropdown Selection form field is here for your use! Visit here to learn more about this awesome field.

Star Rating

Using a star rating field provides a convenient way for your guests to give feedback about anything. It is a simple and effective feedback gathering method used in most surveys and applications. Take a closer look at what you can do with a star rating field by visiting this article.

Opinion Scale

Opinion scales are the perfect fit for surveys, evaluations, and many other form types. On, you can simply add an opinion scale to your form to collect any kind of feedback. Learn more about it here.

Selection Matrix

A selection matrix is the best field you can use for surveys, evaluations, and many other form types. It allows you to collect feedback in a stylized and straightforward manner. Read this article and learn everything you need to know before adding a selection matrix to your forms and surveys.