How to create an NPS survey in 3 steps (free)

Jan 25, 2023 7 min read
How to create an NPS survey in 3 steps (free)

Sena Akman

What do customers think of your brand or products? Are they loyal customers? Do they like the brand enough to recommend your brand to friends? These questions are essential issues for a business owner. Customers unsatisfied with the service will most likely not choose you again. NPS is a practical method that calculates the probability of customers recommending us on a single question.

The NPS tool is a system that avoids customer restrictions and measures whether customers like their company enough to recommend it to their friends or colleague. It offers a helpful measurement method to gauge a brand's growth. This article will show you how to create an NPS survey on

What is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey?

Net Promoter Survey is a practical and straightforward way to understand your customers' loyalty level. With the help of the Net Promoter Score survey tool, businesses may learn customers' opinions of the company. The NPS survey also gives you the information you need to respond quickly to negative comments. Thanks to an NPS score, you may easily define internal performance criteria for comparison with other businesses in your sector and external benchmarks for comparison with other companies. 

How can you calculate your NPS?

NPS is calculated via surveys that are sent to customers in a variety of ways. Using the NPS survey maker, you may complete the survey quickly. NPS surveys often have a few questions. For instance, "How likely are you to suggest our firm to your friends?" is a typical NPS survey question.

Customers who participate in the survey are asked to provide a score based on their response to this query. Accordingly, individuals who receive a score between 0 and 6 are "detractors." Participants who receive a score between 7 and 8 are called "passives."  Customers who receive a score between 9 and 10 are referred to as "promoters."

1  - Detractors (0-6): Customers in this group rate the NPS  question from 0 to 6. They are unhappy customers. These customers are the ones who have a bad experience with your business. This disparagement is due to dissatisfaction with your product and your services. These customers will no longer buy from you. The customer group will probably talk about the negativities they have experienced. The brand should focus improve this customer satisfaction.

2  - Passives (7-8): Customers who chose 7 or 8 for your question are in this group. These customers are happy with your product but need more to promote your product to others.

3  - Promoters (9-10): Customers who chose 9 and 10 points for the survey question are in the group. These customers have a pleasant experience in selling, and they will introduce you to others and defend your business by posting their positive reviews on your website's products page.

Follow-up questions for your NPS survey

Every business owner aim to develop and improve their brand. A high score on NPS survey questions indicates that your brand is in good standing. Some improvements can be made so that answers to NPS questions are highly scored. By using the conditional logic feature that offers to its users; you can add or remove questions based on the answers given by the users.

When Net Promoter Score survey respondents give 0-6 points, you can additionally ask for their suggestions. You can improve your brand by measuring users' dissatisfaction with customer service. When the participants give 7-8 points, you can ask what we can improve in the brand or service. Doing this may increase consumer favorability for the brand. At the same time, you can ensure that your users are loyal to your brand. You can get information by asking the participants who are satisfied with your brand, who give 9-10 points, and what they are happy with the facility. In this way, you can have an idea about how well your brand serves customers.

Let's give an example.

 NPS survey question: How likely will you recommend our company to friends?

You can ask the following question according to the answers given by the users.

0-6: What is the service you are not satisfied with within our brand? 

7-8: What can we do to strengthen our brand so we can serve you better?

9-10: Which of our brand's services have you found to be the most satisfying?

How to create a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey for free

The clarity of NPS Survey questions is just as important when encouraging the client to answer the survey. For this reason, giving unnecessary details and informing the customer about an area that is not of interest should be avoided. Adopting straightforward, understandable, and sincere language will be beneficial. Making a survey is free on Now let’s see how to create NPS survey templates on

1  - Create an account on

First step; log in to or create an account quickly. 

* * *

2  - Choose from ready-made survey templates or start with a blank form

You can choose and use one of the many ready-made survey templates that offers to its users. Or select a blank form and start editing from scratch.

* * *

3  - Determine the questions that will ask in the survey

Choosing a question for the survey is one of the most critical steps. You should select a question that will attract the customer's attention and have a high survey response rate. At the same time, the question should be short and precise.

4  - Click on the star rating from the box on the right

Click the plus symbol (+) on the screen after choosing the survey question. After pressing the + button, the box on the right of the screen will appear. Click on the star rating button.

* * *

5  - Add the NPS survey question and the 0-10 rating to the options

Write down the survey question you have decided. Add a score between 0-10 in the options section for survey evaluation. You may also select a rating system that appeals to you.

* * *

6  - Personalize the NPS survey

You can customize the NPS survey you created according to you. Theme selection can increase participation in your NPS survey. You can choose from many different themes and customize the theme according to you.

* * *

7  - Set the conditional logic

Does the survey evaluation not satisfy you? Getting feedback from customers can be an effective way to improve your company. Click on the terms section above. Determine which questions should be shown and hidden against the score given to the question.

How to show your NPS survey to your visitors

The Net Promoter Score survey template is popular because of its simplicity of implementation and data validity. A short survey always has a high response rate. Despite some surveys where the customer is faced with a long list of questions, This survey helps to quickly assess customer loyalty by asking one or two questions. You can embed the NPS survey you prepared on on your website.

  • Click the share button: You may start by clicking the share button.
  • Click embedded as Iframe: After that, you have to select Embed as Iframe.  
  • Set dimensions: Edit the dimensions of your NPS survey tool as you wish and copy the link in the box.
  • Embed the link: After copying the link, you can go to your website and embed the link. This way, the NPS survey will be presented to the customer at the time you set.

Free customer survey templates

The Net Promoter Score survey measures customer loyalty and helps you communicate with satisfied customers and capitalize on their positive views in marketing. In addition, with proper planning, you improve the customer experience and increase customer life in your business. We shared the NPS questionnaire example in this article. Start creating your NPS survey with the following templates on!


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