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Book Order Form Template

An online book order form helps you sell your books on the internet with great ease. Whether you embed the form into your website or share it on social media, people can select the books they want and order them securely. With’s book order form template, create your form today!

Book Order Form Template


Why use an online book order form?

If you have a bookstore, or a great collection of books, selling them in one place can be really slow and difficult. But has got you covered! After selecting one of the free order form templates to create a book order form, your store is everywhere. In other words, anyone with internet access can order your books in less than 2 minutes.

As well as reaching more people and increasing your sales, you will be able to keep track of the orders after creating your order form. After you start selling books online, you can view the orders chronologically or periodically. Thus, you will easily know the exact number of sales and know how much profit you made. 

How to create a great book order form?

A book order form can include similar questions and sections to other order forms. But it also has some key parts you have to consider when creating your form. But first of all, selecting a target audience will greatly help you with your sales. You can use’s form template to sell your books to individuals, schools, or bookstores. If you have a new book, it can also be used to accept pre-orders.

  • Add photos of the books: Book covers do affect people’s buying decisions. And people tend to buy from sites where they clearly see the products. So, adding book photos will help you look more professional and increase your sales at the same time.
  • Include short descriptions: Another thing that affects people when they are buying a book is the short descriptions about the books. This way, people will know what the book is about and then decide if they want to buy it or not.
  • Automatically send a copy of the order: offers an automatic notification email option for your online order form. With this option, you can send automated emails to the buyers after they order the books.
  • Ask for contact information: To make a purchase, people need to provide their contact details, such as an address, email, phone number, and so on. And having more than one contact option will be really helpful for many reasons. For instance, if the book they have chosen is out of stock, you will be able to inform them immediately. Also, you will keep better track of your customers and orders.
  • Enable direct message option: Another way to make your form great is to include a direct message option. This will especially be helpful if you have a small business and offer wholesale. With a direct message option, people can easily send you messages via WhatsApp. Thus, they will be able to learn about wholesale prices and offer specific proposals about the books on sale.

How to edit your book order form?

After preparing the form, all you have to do is sit back and save time. Since’s book order form template includes all the necessary information; you can allow purchases right away. But the sample is also highly customizable. That means you can change almost every aspect of your form. For example, since people want to have their books as soon as possible, enabling email and push notifications can be a great help. 

On the edit page, easily edit the existing questions, remove them, or add new ones according to your preferences. Once you have added your questions, it’s time to check payment optionsStripe and PayPal methods come as default. That means your customers can pay via their credit & debit cards or their Stripe and PayPal accounts. But adding a cash option might also help with your sales.

How to design your online book order form? offers you a great book order form sample with a professional design. But you also have handy customization options to change the design manually. That being said, you have free themes that will change the design completely within a second. So, you can use’s fast solutions and create a perfect-looking design in seconds. Also, adding your brand logo will help your form look more professional.

How to keep track of your orders? records your every order to make things easier for you. Once you have ordered, you can view them on the results page at any time. According to the field types, will also create special charts for the responses. This way, you will clearly see how you have performed and have a chance to improve your business.

Lastly, there is a download option for your records. After downloading it on your devices, you will have a list of all the details of your orders.’s online book order form template will help you spread the knowledge!

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