What is a questionnaire? (Definition and examples)

May 16, 2022 4 min read
What is a questionnaire?  (Definition and examples)

Defne Çobanoğlu

A questionnaire is a great tool for data collection. Its main purpose is to gather survey questions for a target audience and allow the creator of the survey to go through the survey results. The survey maker of is a tremendous help when it comes to digital questionnaires and forms.

Using an online questionnaire creator, such as will help you gather important data for your business. When you are working on your customizable questionnaire, you can easily decide on question types, customize themes, and adjusts the skip logic for questions. Therefore, you can focus on crucial elements without even trying. A questionnaire and survey are quite similar in some aspects and we will focus on the differences and how to make great questionnaires in this article.

The difference between a questionnaire and a survey

A questionnaire and a survey are quite similar as both of them try to collect data using a survey tool. Some people use these terms interchangeably and either of them will greatly help when used. However, let us take a look at the differences.

Questionnaires are awesome for collecting basic information from your customers and they can reach a larger audience. Even though you won't be tracking data from a questionnaire, you can gain good insightful feedback using a questionnaire generator. That can help you decide on smaller aspects. The results can still give you actionable feedback to improve your business.

Surveys can allow you to obtain helpful insights from your target market or potential leads. Therefore, you can learn about their purchase decisions. This data can help when you're doing market research or want to gain feedback from respondents. When you use a survey template,  you have to analyze the results.

However, it should not go without saying that even though there are some differences between these two, they can both get the job done for any business. If you wish to know more about the differences between a survey and a questionnaire, visit the blog of today!

How to create a perfect questionnaire

When you want to create a questionnaire that is online, using an effective questionnaire maker that is free to us will definitely help you. Not only using, let us say, a customer satisfaction survey will help your business for that specific time, but it also helps to plan your future projects.

Here are some tips to consider when you are creating your next questionnaire.

  • Think about your goal for creating this online survey.
  • Use smart survey software, such as
  • Easily adjust the questions and designs.
  • Keep it short to maximize the number of results.
  • Be direct with your questions.
  • Use different question types, such as multiple-choice or open-ended questions to keep people engaged.
  • Share your questionnaire with your target audience.
  • Export data and go over them.

If you want to maximize the number of respondents to your questionnaires and surveys, you can also check out the blog of today!

Questionnaire Types offers a variety of templates from surveys to quizzes to forms. And, there are many types of each category too. Now that we have established how great of help using an online questionnaire is, you can decide on the type of template you want to choose. After choosing the template, you can easily customize it according to your wishes and start sharing them.

Qualitative questionnaires

These types of questionnaires are used to collect qualitative data which is information that can be observed and recorded. It’s used to approximate and characterize. An example of qualitative data would be someone giving you feedback about your product. They may mention things about the quality, satisfaction, feeling, etc. it helps you categorize but you can’t attach a number to the feedback.

Exploratory questionnaires are ideal when you’re in the early stages and want to learn more about a topic. For example, if you’re in the early stages of business development and don’t know enough about the market, exploratory questionnaires are ideal.

Quantitative questionnaires

These types of questionnaires are used to collect quantitative data which has a numerical value. The data acquired from these questionnaires are quantifiable which means the result can be used for mathematical calculations or statistical analysis. 

An example of quantitative data would be the answer to the following question, “How many products did you try?” which requires a numerical reply. You can use this type to stress test your assumptions, designs, use cases, etc. before going further with project development. Because of its clear focus, the questions you ask give you the specific information.

After deciding on how you want your questionnaire, you can select a sample on library of templates and create one faster. Here are some of the example questionnaires you can use: