55 Amazing eCommerce survey questions for your business

Feb 01, 2023 11 min read
55 Amazing eCommerce survey questions for your business

Eren Eltemur

To achieve success in a business, gathering data from clients is important. You must know the best attitude towards them with the ideal timing. To clarify their needs, problems, and feedback, you must find the right way to ask your questions. Since you run an online store, you may lose interactive feedback, but there are other ways to gather that data. 

You can easily get feedback and improve your service. If you are wondering how to gather that data, you are in the right place. Also, we will cover how you can create your own survey for eCommerce on

According to Shopify, online retail sales will reach $6.51 trillion by 2023, with ecommerce websites taking up 22.3% of total retail sales. Growth is expected to continue, reaching 23% by 2025. You can use eCommerce surveys to gather valuable information from your clients now to take your place. 

What is an eCommerce survey?

In today’s modern world, online retail stores have become more recognizable in the market. If you have an idea, for example, you can easily start an eCommerce business with And in order to grow your business, service, or product, you must gather feedback from clients. For this reason, you should use an eCommerce questionnaire. The e commerce survey questionnaire is a data-gathering method for your online store and the product. You can learn about online shopping experiences and the preferences of clients. 

In addition to demographic data and other elements that can aid businesses in better understanding their clients, these surveys are primarily used for satisfaction with the product or service, website usability, delivery, and customer service experience. The results of eCommerce surveys can enhance the general consumer experience, pinpoint problems with the online purchasing procedure, and provide information for company decisions about product development and marketing tactics.

Types of eCommerce survey

There are e-commerce survey types that differ according to the stages in the process of eCommerce, the subject it covers, and where it takes place. With the rich library of survey templates on, discover the keys to eCommerce success. With the help of customizable ready-made templates, you can collect the information you need to improve your online business. Here are some survey templates you may find useful.

  • Surveys to learn about Customer satisfaction after purchase
  • Surveys to gauge customer preferences
  • Surveys to evaluate the overall customer experience
  • Surveys to rate products and services
  • Surveys to rate customer service
  • Surveys to collect feedback about website design
  • Surveys to rate overall satisfaction with the purchase process
  • Surveys to collect feedback about shopping habits

55 best eCommerce survey questions to ask your customers

For further analysis and example questions, we gathered 55 best survey questions for eCommerce that will be perfect for your surveys. You can customize these e-Commerce survey questions on and create yours. Creating an eCommerce survey questionnaire has never been easier. 

General eCommerce survey questions

If you are looking for an overall idea for your service, you may prefer to start with general questions. You can ask questions about your client's experience, or their loyalty, or just simply satisfaction or understand their dissatisfaction with your service. Getting answers to these types of questions can be a good way to start. You can improve customer satisfaction in eCommerce with these questions easily.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey questions

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey measures how likely customers are to promote your business to others. Customer happiness and brand loyalty are predicted by the customer experience. The NPS questionnaire's responses are used to get a score that ranges from -100 to 100 to get the result to subtract the percentage of promoters from the percentage of detractors. Here are the example questions:

1  - On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our product/service to a friend or family member?

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey questions

You may find out if your current consumers are pleased with your goods or services by conducting customer satisfaction surveys. The customer satisfaction survey templates on will make it easy for you to get started and collect data about client experiences. To calculate your CSAT score, take the number of satisfied customers (those who rated you 4 or 5), divide it by the total number of responses, then multiply this number by 100 to get a percentage.

Here are some example questions for your eCommerce customer survey questions:

2  - How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with our service?

Customer experience (CX) survey questions

Customer experience can be a significant component to improving your job, whether it is in relation to a product, your customer service, an ongoing process, or a finished one. To take the right actions, customer experience survey questions are very important.

3  - How easy was it to navigate our website/application and find what you were looking for?

Churn survey questions

Customers may occasionally stop using your goods or services or leave. Even though this is a natural occurrence, you must understand the causes in order to fill in the gaps and make improvements to prevent losing more customers.

4  - Why have you decided to cancel your subscription?

  • We no longer need it 
  • It was too expensive
  • We weren't using it enough
  • We didn't find it easy to use
  • We decided to work with a different provider
  • Other

Customer effort score (CES) survey questions

To measure customers ease of use on a specific product or service businesses can use customer effort score. Seven options are available to the respondents, with scores ranging from strongly disagree (score 1) to strongly agree (score 7). The average of each response is used to compute the CES score. This entails dividing the total number of respondents by the sum of all the responses to the survey.

5  - How easy was using [Product] so far?

6  - On a scale of 1-7, how easy was it to use the feature?

Survey questions about customer needs

If you are introducing a new product, you can use market research surveys to get direct information from your target audience. You can learn their expectations and provide better products thanks to your market research.

7  - Which of the following mostly tempts you to buy [PRODUCT]?

  • Better quality than the other
  • It solves a problem of mine
  • Its prices are reasonable
  • other

8  - In your opinion, what kind of improvements would make [PRODUCT] better?

9  - What other products may be competing with [PRODUCT]?

10  - What would make [PRODUCT] stand out among its competitors?

11  - If you were to buy a product like this, how likely would you buy [PRODUCT] instead of the other competitors?

Survey questions about the product quality

Conducting feedback surveys can help you avoid troubles. You can easily achieve success with good and consistent feedback. Every project, business, or organization can benefit greatly from obtaining input. Create surveys with the help of the free feedback survey templates from to get more feedback with less work and time, or just customize these product feedback questions:

12  - How would you rate the quality of product/service

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Bad

13  - What do you like about the product?

  • It is easy to use
  • Customer service was helpful
  • Product was reliable 
  • Other

Survey questions about the product variety

To make sure of your product library and its range, you can ask a set of questions and learn customers' opinions on product variety

14  - Was the selection of goods sufficient?

15  - Do you think product details are enough?

16  - Do you think it is easy to find multiple alternatives for the same product?

17  - What is the alternative product you can use?

Survey questions about the shopping experience

You can also include questions related to clients’ shopping experiences by carrying out a survey to learn what customers want from the retail sector. The questions centered on ways to enhance the purchasing experience. Here are some examples to use in e commerce questionnaire for retailers:

18  - What would you say is your favorite part of the shopping experience?

19  - What's the most frustrating part of the shopping experience?

20  - Are there any features or services that you would like to see offered in the future?

21  - Which product have you purchased?

22  - Did you use any coupons/vouchers or receive any discounts?

Survey questions about customer service

Customer service questions were created to collect data regarding a client's interaction with a company's customer service. These kinds of surveys are often used to collect information on the efficiency of customer service contacts, the quality of the service rendered, and measure the satisfaction of the consumer.

23  - How satisfied are you with the customer service provided by [company name]?

24  - How satisfied were you with the help you received?

  • Very Satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Dissatisfied

25  - What was the best part of your experience with our customer service?

26  - What could we have done better?

27  - Did you find our customer service representative helpful? Why or why not?

28  - What would you change/improve about our customer service?

Survey questions about shipping

Data on shipping times, delivery dependability, packaging, and general shipping procedure satisfaction are frequently collected using these types of questionnaires. These surveys' findings can be used to improve shipping procedures.

29  - How satisfied were you with the speed of shipping?

  • Very satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Unsatisfied

30  - Did the bill delivered to the billing address?

31  - Did you get your order when it was supposed to?

32  - Have you picked up your order from the shipping address?

33  - Would you be interested in signing up for paid services to receive goods sooner?

34  - How important are shipping costs when making a purchase?

35  - Have you ever not made a purchase because the shipping costs were too high?

Survey questions for lead generation

These questions are intended to assist companies in determining the requirements and interests of potential clients and the people most likely to be interested in buying their goods or services.

36  - Are you currently in the market for our products/services?

37  - What is your budget for our products/services?

38  - How did you hear about our company?

39  - Are there any specific deadlines or time frames in which you need to make a purchasing decision?

Survey questions about customer information

A survey regarding customer information is intended to learn more about the clients of a business. These kinds of surveys are frequently used to collect information on client demographics, preferences, and levels of satisfaction with products and services.

40  - What is your contact information (email, phone number)?

41  - How long have you been a customer of our company?

42  - Have you made any purchases or used our services recently? If so, what did you buy?

43  - How do you prefer to be contacted for promotions or sales?

44  - How do you prefer to receive invoices and receipts?

45  - How likely are you to continue doing business with our company in the future?

Survey questions about your website

In order to learn more about a website's users' experiences and happiness, a survey of the website's users may include a number of questions. Data about website usability, navigation, design, and content are generally gathered using these types of questionnaires.

46  - How easy was it to navigate our website?

47  - How satisfied were you with the overall design of our website?

48  - Were you able to find the information you were looking for?

49  - How would you rate the loading speed of our website?

50  - Were there any issues or broken links that you encountered while using our website?

Survey questions for post-purchase

Post-purchase survey questions are designed to gather details regarding a customer's experience following a purchase. These kinds of surveys are frequently used to obtain information on consumer satisfaction with the goods or services, shipping and packaging, and general customer experience.

51  - Were there any issues or problems with your purchase?

52  - Was the product's size, color, or other features as you expected?

53  - How would you rate the value of the price of your purchase?

54  - Were there any promotions or discounts that you used during your purchase?

55  - Have you had any issues with the product?

How to create an eCommerce survey for free

You can use to create and customize your eCommerce survey for free. offers countless ready-made templates free to use with its useful features. You can customize your form fields, design them, and embed them into your website easily. You can also add a welcome page and thank you page, and if you don't want more than one submission, you can also enable CAPTCHA and disable or enable multiple submissions. 

To create e commerce survey, all you have to do is follow these 5 easy steps. Select a ready-made template, edit your form fields, customize your form design, adjust your general form settings and share your template.

1  - Create from scratch or choose a template: You have a choice of forms. use one of the app's many pre-made form, survey, or quiz templates to get started right away. Alternatively, you might just start from scratch and develop your own form.

* * *

2  - Edit your form fields: You can edit and personalize your form fields however you like to make them entirely suitable for your requirements. You can include a drop-down selection field, an opinion scale, a star rating, a single selection, multiple selections, long text, short text, and other fields.

* * *

3  - Customize the design: To create an eye-pleasing survey, you can choose from themes and change your colors to match your brand.

* * *

4  - Adjust your general settings: You can check your notification settings and add a welcome and thank you page,s or integrations with third-party applications.

* * *

5  - Publish and Share: You can easily embed it to your website, share a link or use sharing options to share it with social media.

Free eCommerce survey templates to create your surveys faster

Now you learn about different types and key methods for ecommerce questions to ask clients, create your ecommerce survey with, and start your journey. Getting valuable knowledge on customers with these example questions can help you. Find the suitable one and start your eCommerce business with now. Also, here are some ready-made templates for you to take a look at: