A proven lead generation method: how to create your lead generation quiz

Oct 25, 2022 7 min read
A proven lead generation method: how to create your lead generation quiz

Ebru Çelik

As a business owner, you absolutely know that customers are essential to your life. The more you establish a close bond with your customers, the more popularity and productivity you will have. Your customers have a significant share in your success in your business. For this reason, you must turn your potential customers into regular customers. There are a lot of methods to generate leads.  

While there are many traditional methods, lead generation quizzes are one of the newest and most effective. You can reach the most relevant customers suitable for your business by preparing quizzes specific to your potential leads. In addition, you can prepare your lead capture quiz online. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of lead-capture quizzes and how you can create them online.

What is a lead generation quiz?

Lead generation quizzes are questionnaires used to collect information from leads and evaluate potential customers' consumer interest in your product or service. These questions can be interesting, intriguing, or competitive. The primary purpose is to learn the opinions and tendencies of the customers about the product or service prepared for sale.

You can create different types of quizzes depending on your target audience. Personality quiz with interactive content or tests with pop culture content is popular types. It is more advantageous for quiz takers to come to the end of the tests. It allows you to get information about them quickly.

Definition of a lead generation quiz

Definition of a lead generation quiz

Benefits of using quizzes for capturing leads

Creating a quiz has many benefits in many ways. First, you get the consumer's opinion about your product. For this reason, providing services for these ideas will be your first goal. It helps your business grow by communicating more closely with your potential customers. The main benefits are as follows:

  • Lead Generation: Lead generation is critical in email marketing. The first reason is that you get users' email addresses. You can quickly inform them when there are any promotions or discounts. The more familiar they are with your product, the more likely they will buy.
  • Lead Qualification: The lead qualification helps you understand whether your potential customers fit the type of customer you are looking for. When clients complete the quizzes, you will have a lot of information about them. Based on their answers, you will understand whether your product or service is compatible with them.
  • Lead Segmentation: Lead segmentation categorizes customers. Find out which product they are most suitable for based on the answers given by the quiz takers. It is also very useful for providing personalized services. Customers learn more quickly about the products they can buy, and they want to buy them.
  • Gain recognition: With the interactive quizzes you prepare on the most popular topics, your brand's recognition will increase in every subject. Especially sharing these quizzes on social media platforms will increase interest even more. In addition, it also helps people to share quizzes with their friends due to challenging quizzes.
  • Audience expectations: Asking different types of questions in your quizzes allows you to gather information about users. Thanks to this information, you can easily learn about their expectations of your product or service. You can make changes to your product according to these expectations. Small changes will increase your sales even more.
  • Increase in sales: Thanks to the information you collect, you can make personalized recommendations. Making customers feel special can be an important detail in the purchasing part. Therefore, potential customers are more inclined to buy and come closer to becoming regular customers.

How do I create a lead generation quiz online?

There are many lead generation tools. One of them is online quiz maker tools. Thanks to quiz makers, you can create fully customizable tests in a few minutes. With, you can make free lead quizzes with professional looking. Also, you can find lead quizzes examples in to get help. Here are the steps you should follow while creating lead quizzes:

1  - First, open from your browser

2  - Choose any of the quiz templates, or create a quiz yourself.

3  - Choose the theme that suits your quiz

4  - Add calculator to score quiz result

5  - Customize your quiz

6  - Add welcome page

7  - Add thank you page

8  - Share your quiz on any social media platform or embed it on your website.  

How to make your lead quiz more engaging

Every business owner wants potential customers to complete their quizzes and expand their email lists. However, this may not be possible sometimes. Quizzes must be appealing in every way. Otherwise, people may not want to spend their precious time on these quizzes. There are 4 elements to consider when preparing a quiz:

1  - Eye-catching design

2  - Effective promotion

3  - Interesting content

4  - Contextual relevance

Eye-catching design

Design is one of the most critical elements in quizzes. The biggest reason for this is that people show more interest in things that appeal to their eyes. It will be more logical for the business owner to choose the quiz maker with the most design options. Different question types will also give your quiz a better look.

Designing your form to make it professional and engaging

Designing your form to make it professional and engaging

Effective promotion

Advertising is one of the biggest elements that will help you grow your business. You can get attention to your quizzes thanks to various design types. However, it is also very important to manage this interest correctly. With, one of the free quiz makers, you can share your quizzer on the social media platform you want. In addition, if you have a website, you can embed your quiz without effort. It helps people see your quiz.

Displaying your form in most-visited pages

Displaying your form in most-visited pages

Interesting content

Your content has to be pretty good for your quizzes to get attention. It is important that people take their time and solve quizzes. First of all, the content must be of high quality. You should choose your questions carefully and not bore people. In addition, you should not keep your questions too long. Long questions can distract people, and people can leave without finishing the questions. For this reason, you can increase their interest by adding current topics to your quizzes.

Make sure your questions are interesting and to-the-point

Make sure your questions are interesting and to-the-point

Contextual relevance

To get the best results from lead quizzes, preparing relevant questions is an important step. If you keep people busy with irrelevant questions, you will be wasting time and money. For example, if you are marketing perfumes, you can ask quiz takers how often they use perfume or what kind of scents they like. Then, show them only relevant questions by using conditional logic. In addition, lead scoring in quizzes becomes easier with the relevant content questions.  

Keep your questions relevant with conditional logic

Keep your questions relevant with conditional logic

Ready to start? Try free quiz examples on

In summary, lead generation is essential to growing your business. Thanks to interactive lead generation quizzes, you can expand your email list and promote the name of your brand. In addition, there are many benefits, such as lead segmentation and increased sales.

Creating lead generation quizzes online is more beneficial for your business. You can easily change its design to make your quizzes more engaging. Additionally, these quizzes are easier to share. With, you can create interesting quizzes using many different quiz templates. If you want to prepare lead generation quizzes without wasting your time, sign up for and start using it!


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