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Permission to Treat a Minor Form

In emergency situations, it's often difficult to get in touch with the child's parents or guardians to authorize medical treatment. What if the parents are out of town or unavailable? The permission to treat a minor form can be used in cases where the treatment requires medical consent, making it easier to get permission. Use this permission to treat a minor form template to get started today.

Permission to Treat a Minor Form


What is permission to treat a minor form?

A permission to treat a minor form is a document that allows parents or legal guardians to authorize medical treatment for a child in the event that requires medical consent. This form can be used in cases of emergency, when the child is incapacitated, or when the operation will majorly affect the child's life and health.

Why use an online permission form for treating minors?

When it comes to medical emergencies, it's crucial that parents or legal guardians have the authority to authorize medical treatment for their children. That's where permission to treat a minor form comes in handy. By having a document for the patient’s parents or guardians, you can have their consent to proceed with the medical procedure. 

Not only does this form help to ensure that children receive the treatment they need in a timely manner, but it also protects medical professionals from liability in the event that something goes wrong. So, include all the details in your terms & conditions, and make sure that parents read the terms before signing this consent form. After opening this permission to treat a minor form sample, you can include all of these during the editing process.

What does typical permission to treat a minor form include?

In order to get consent to medical treatment of a child from parents, you have to inform them about the medical outcomes and explain the risks involved. In, you can easily achieve this by adding an explanation field. Then you can ask a few questions for recording the medical history and add a signature field for getting e-signatures. Similar to a child care authorization form, a permission to treat a minor form asks for the following information:

  • The name and date of birth of the child
  • The name and contact information of the parents or legal guardians
  • The name of the doctor or medical facility providing treatment
  • The type of treatment being administered
  • The reason for treatment
  • The date and time of treatment
  • The contact details of guardians (Phone number, address, e-mail, and so on)
  • The signature of the parent or guardian authorizing treatment

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