Employee Complaint Form Template

An employee complaint form is a document to record inappropriate behaviors or situations that employees witness in the workplace. With complaint forms, HR departments or managers can take the necessary actions and solve the problems of employees. Select forms.app’s free employee complaint form template and start fixing issues in the workplace!

Employee Complaint Form Template


Why use an online employee complaint form?

Even though no one wants or expects them, these incidents sometimes occur in the workplace. And having an employee complaint form will at least speed up the necessary actions. Also, it will hopefully prevent these things from happening in the future.

  • Prevent further mobbing, discrimination, and any kind of harassment: When an employee files a complaint, human resources or the managers can examine the situation and take necessary actions to fix these problems.
  • Record any theft and cyber-attack: In case of any theft or cyber-attack, complaints forms will help to note the stolen items or missing data. 
  • Create a more secure workplace environment: Overall, employee complaint forms will have a better effect on the employees and help you create a more secure and comfortable workplace.

How to create an employee complaint form?

An Employee complaint form will have information on the complainant, information about the person who caused the complaint (if there’s one), contact information and such. Then you should add a textbox so the complainant can describe the matter. You might want to add checkboxes to categorize the matters. This is especially helpful because forms.app has a statistics feature. You can easily see in what areas the complaints come from and plan your way. This can save you time that you’d spend analyzing complaint forms individually. Our free online complaint form templates have the basics that you need to create your form. Information such as complainants name, contact information, and department. Then we have you fill your complaint. Employee complaint form template is about another colleague, but you can always use the features of forms.app to customize and create your own employee complaint form! You will benefit from our easy to use features and add your own boxes, checkboxes and anything else you need! You can then style the form and add your company logo to the background to give an example. Get started with our template right now if you want to save yourself time!

forms.app offers you a free employee complaint form template that comes with all the necessary questions. You can use the sample as it is, or make customizations on your form to suit your business. Thanks to its powerful editing features, forms.app allows you to change the questions or question types, add a new one and set conditions for them with only a few clicks.

After editing the questions on the employee complaint form template, you can head over to the design page for further customizations. forms.app provides you with free themes you can choose for a fast start. Of course, you can also design your form manually by applying a different color set, font, or background. Lastly, clicking the eye button will take you to the preview page. Select forms.app’s free employee complaint form template and starts using your form today!

Employee complaint forms allow employees with grievances a means to voice their disturbance. Be it something about their fellow co-workers, workplace, misconduct or anything that interests the company, an employee should be able to ask the company to address or review the issue. forms.app can help you create one!

When to use an online employee complaint form?

If you’re an employee, you don’t want to suffer in your workplace. There might be matters that bother you, and you should be able to present them to your superiors. If you’re an employer, you should know that a workplace with displeased employees means problems for the company. An employee complaint form will work great for this. If you’re wondering in what situations it is fit to be used for, here are some:

  • Discrimination: If one was discriminated against based on thier race, skin color, sexual orientation, disability etc.
  • Harassment: Inappropriate comments, public humiliation, intimidation... 
  • Physical Harassment: Physical attacks, threats 
  • Psychological Harassment: Gaslighting, belittling, talking behind back often to colleagues...
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Theft
  • Third-Party Harassment

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