Customer Service Questionnaire Form Template

A customer service questionnaire helps you understand what your customers want and improve your business. With customer satisfaction surveys, you can do your market research faster and easier. Select’s online customer service questionnaire form sample to provide your customers with a better experience from the start!

Customer Service Questionnaire Form Template


Why use an online customer service questionnaire?

Customer feedback is a great key to becoming successful in your area. So, you must understand your customer’s needs and adjust your business programs accordingly. And the easiest way of doing this is to use an online customer service questionnaire form. Due to offering many questionnaire templates, makes the easier collecting feedback process for users.  

With a customer service survey, you can collect about your products or services without effort. People can fill these forms in their homes, workplace, and basically, everywhere they want. This gives you a great opportunity to collect data after the service or after the product is used. 

How to create a good customer service questionnaire from?

Questions to measure customer experience can vary according to the business type. But considering a few common points may help you get the most out of your customer service questionnaire.

  • Ask deliberate and unbiased questions: To get accurate and useful results, your questions must be intentional and objective. This way, you can see your strong and weak points, then take action to satisfy your customers even more.
  • Keep it simple: Often, people avoid long and detailed surveys. So, keeping your questions simple and having a professional design might help to get more people to fill out your customer service questionnaire. 
  • Add opinion scale and star rating questions: These question types make your form easy to fill for your customers. They will easily rate the products or services and complete the form more quickly. But there is more! This way, you will also save time, and the reviewing process will be much easier. And provides advanced charts for these rating questions.
  • Send or open the form at the right time: You will get the most accurate results just after a customer has received the service or used the product. So sending a questionnaire form will not only show you value your customers’ opinions but also provide you with the most candid answers.
  • Add an additional field for overall experience: After the specific questions, you may want to learn how the customer’s overall experience was. That’s why adding an additional field for general opinion can help you measure your net promoter score. For a more detailed answer, you may also include an open-ended question in this section.

How to edit your customer service questionnaire form? offers you a free sample for your client satisfaction survey that comes with a perfect layout. So, you can use the sample form without making specific changes or use it as a base for your form. On the edit page, you can edit the questions, remove them, or add some extra ones. Changing question fields or setting conditions for them is also very easy with’s advanced features. After completing the survey questions, you can head over to the design menu to customize your form even more.

How to design your customer service questionnaire form? provides handy features to change your form’s design. After selecting the customer service questionnaire form sample, you can either use one of the free themes for a quick start or design your form manually. On the design menu, you will be able to change the color set, borders, font, or background. With these options, your imagination takes over. 

You may choose a design that fits your business area or brand logo. An elaborate design will attract more customers to fill out your form. After you are comfortable with the form, you can preview how it will look on pc, tablets, and mobile devices by pressing the eye button on the top. 

How to review the results and statistics?

With’s user-friendly interface, reviewing the survey results is easier than ever. You can view the customer service questionnaire forms individually for a detailed analysis or as a list to see the broader picture. You will find the statistics specifically created for your form on the next menu. These will give you an idea of your customer support and how to improve it. After viewing the results, you can also download them on any device with only a few clicks. Use’s a free template, and create your customer service questionnaire form today!

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