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Conference Booking Form Template

An online conference booking form helps you with the booking process and makes it simpler than you expect. Today, people do not want to deal with papers when they can do all of that on their phones. By using’s conference booking form template, start receiving reservation requests today.

Conference Booking Form Template


What is a conference booking form?

A conference booking form is a type of booking form that helps with event registrations. By using a simple conference booking form, you can allow seat or room reservations for a conference or similar event. This will help you automate the booking process and make it easy to register for your conference.

Why use an online conference booking form template?

If you are organizing an important conference, announcing this news and allowing online reservations may become handy for many reasons. Thanks to booking forms, people will be able to arrange their plans accordingly and book a place for your conference. Further, you can offer rooms for booking as well, if the event will take place in a hotel and take a few days.

Online reservations will make the registration process easier and more flexible for everyone. Since the paperwork is eliminated, you will save time and focus on other work that requires your attention. And, thanks to the secure payment gateways that offers, you do not worry about collecting payments for the bookings. Lastly, you will have an advanced records page where you can access every piece of information with a few clicks.

How to create a great conference booking form?

Conferences can be about different topics and have various themes. So, some questions can be necessary, and others can be inappropriate for a type of conference. For example, asking for ID numbers and emergency contacts for conferences that will last for a week is natural. But these questions can be unnecessary for hourly events. 

That’s why customizing your form after selecting the free conference booking form sample will help you create an outstanding form. And considering a few points when making changes can be useful to attract more people to your conference. So,’s guides and tips will help you get the most out of your conference booking form.

  • Ask only the required questions: Generally, people tend to choose shorter routes and avoid long and detailed work. To increase the number of your audience, keeping your form simple is one of the best solutions you have. So, make sure to have a basic layout and necessary questions, such as name, phone number, and email address.
  • Have a professional design: Most of the time; people make decisions based on appearances. And this is especially true for signing up for future events like conferences. Fortunately, offers you various free themes and useful features to have an engaging design for your conference booking form. 
  • Offer various payment options: One of the advantages of an online conference booking form is payment methods. If your conference is a premium event, people will be able to pay via various options to book a place. For instance, after you set up your PayPal or Stripe accounts, they can use their balances on these platforms or pay via their credit or debit cards in seconds. 
  • Add a description field: It is important that attendees have enough information about your upcoming conference. So, adding an information field about the speakers and topics or photos of the meeting rooms will provide insight for the audience. 
  • Enable Thank You pages and automated emails: Sometimes, people can be unsure about their booking and fill out a form twice. To prevent this, you can easily add a Thank You page or enable notification emails to inform them about their registrations. This way, they will know they have successfully booked a place at your conference, and you will have the exact numbers on the results page.

How to edit your conference booking form? offers you the perfect conference booking sample and many useful features to customize your form. After selecting the form sample, you will be able to edit the questionschange the field types or add new ones on the edit page. Also, you can create options for seating positions and ask them about their preferences. Once you finish all the questions,’s drag-and-drop feature allows you to arrange them with only a single click.

How to design your conference booking form?

A relevant and professional design will always leave a good impression on your audience. Luckily, with, you have all you need to design your form how you like it. You can either use the free conference booking form sample as a base or design it entirely by yourself. 
For a quick solution, offers many free themes for your conference booking form. If you plan to embed your form into your website, selecting the relevant and matching colors and changing the font and background will take only a couple of seconds. To do all of these and more, use the conference booking sample and create your form today!

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