What is a client intake form? (Definition and Examples)

Aug 16, 2022 6 min read
What is a client intake form? (Definition and Examples)

Ebru Çelik

Work-life often has a critical place in the lives of adults because you are with the same people at the same workplace from morning to night. People in the office and even customers can sometimes be as close as your family. For this reason, customers have a substantial position in business life. In addition, everyone's time is very valuable to them, and you don't want your time to be wasted, both as an employee and as a customer. That's why it's important to tell what you want, your expectations, and your purpose, not to destroy your hours for both parties.

In order to love your work even more, you should not waste your time by directly meeting with each customer profile. While there are many reasons to dislike work, it's up to you to find things you can make better. For example, let's think of a business where you choose your customers yourself. Working with the customer you like, when you want, and at a price you desire will help you reconnect with your profession. This kind of working life is not a dream, and in fact, it is a method used in many business lines. Law firms, event planners, and advertising agencies are just a few.

What is a client intake form?

The customer intake form is a kind of preliminary information form used by certain occupational groups, such as medical offices, caterers, and advertising agencies. The primary purpose of this is to understand what the expectations and goals of potential customers are. You can also quickly learn whether your way of working matches the customer's wishes by collecting the information necessary for your business or project so you and your clients can negotiate easily. Otherwise, parties who do not know each other's wishes may lose both time and money.

Why use online forms for starting the intake process?

It doesn't matter how big or small your company is because collecting information about your clients is essential for any type of business. Moreover, you can avoid unnecessary data by using intake forms, and you only obtain relevant information from your potential clients. All these processes that seem to take too long actually save time, thanks to online forms. Using online forms will speed up your client intake process and help get things done quicker.  

In addition to these, thanks to online forms, you will reach your potential customers faster because you can share the client intake forms you make on your company's website, so capturing leads will be more effortless via the internet. Moreover, you can share these forms on your company's social media accounts and make your company's name even more famous with effective promotion. You will not miss new customers by pinning the forms to the bio of your social media accounts.

Should you use an intake form for your business?

Although using online intake forms are beneficial for all types of businesses, some of them may take advantage of this form much more. Law firms, caterers, therapy massage rooms, and medical doctor's offices are just a few samples of these. For example, a therapeutic massage is something you specialize in, and you wonder what complaints your customers have. That’s why you can prepare an intake form for a therapy session, and before arriving, you will learn all about their problems.

As a second example, let's assume you are a caterer. In the form you have prepared, you should ask important questions such as what kind of service the customer expects, for what purpose they need you, and how many people will be in total at the event. After learning this information, the only thing you should do giving price quotes. Before you bid, you can check out the quote forms on, one of the best form creators

One of the jobs that use customer intake forms the most is medical offices. Medical intake forms serve almost the same purpose and result as other forms. It is suitable for learning the purpose of the patient who wants to come to the hospital and to know what disease he has. Thus, as a hospital, it will be much easier to set up a suitable appointment and choose a doctor. In addition, medical offices can use also inquiry forms to learn this information.

How to create an effective intake form online

After learning all these, if you say how to create an intake form, the solution is straightforward. With's extremely easy-to-apply features, you can easily generate intake forms. Let’s think of a sample of a client intake form. The steps you need to mind in will be as follows

  • First, you must choose one of the customer intake form templates in the application.
  • Secondly, you can change the questions according to your wishes.
  • Third, you can create a form in the colors you want from the themes field.
  • Then you can change the form settings and share it wherever you want.

Beneficial tips for your intake form online

If you want to prepare an intake form online, there may be some things you need to pay attention to. One of the features you should pay attention to while preparing an online form is that it is remarkable. You can create an outstanding form with using the tips below.

1  - Thanks to, you have the chance to collect and analyze the answers you collect from the forms in a single pool.

2  - It would be better if you make design-related changes to look more professional to your potential customers. Color and pattern choices are among the most important.

3  - If you say you have trouble designing something, don't worry! By offering ready-made templates, also makes your work more comfortable.

4  - As soon as the forms are filled out, you can be informed by e-mail, depending on your choice.

5  - By integrating your forms with discord and slack applications, you can automatically send replies to channels or friends.

6  - In addition, by downloading the answers you have saved, you can examine and interpret them in more detail on your own computer.

7  - Finally, you can look more respectable and experienced by adding a welcome or thank you page to your form.

Free intake form examples to get you started

One of the best form builder sites, wants to make you satisfied in many ways. One of these ways is ready-made templates. If you need an intake form right away and you don't have much time, this feature is for you. In addition, if you don't know what kind of questions you should ask and what answers you are after, has ready-made templates on many different topics for you. You can even start by choosing one of the intake forms below: 

You can be inspired by the questions in these templates. Thanks to, you will have many options in different patterns and themes and you will be able to choose the form that suits your business. After deciding, all you have to do is customize the form and share it on your social media or website.


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