35+ student-oriented questions to ask in your college questionnaire

May 22, 2023 7 min read
35+ student-oriented questions to ask in your college questionnaire

Şeyma Beyazçiçek

Each college has its own way of ruling the students, selecting the staff, lesson style, etc. It is these fundamental choices that make the college that sets each one apart. Each school has something that makes it different from the others. 

If a school wants to enhance the school year and experience of its students, it is essential to pay attention to the thought of the college students. To improve the success and manage better, presenting college student survey questions are an excellent way of getting feedback from them.

Student feedback is the number one opportunity for schools to make up for shortcomings. For that reason, you better read this article by using a student-oriented questionnaire that can be presented as a student satisfaction questionnaire about college and checking the results!

What do you need for a college questionnaire?

There is some basic need for you to create an online survey for a college questionnaire.

Using an online college questionnaire has many advantages, including:

  • Reach people quickly
  • Reliable data
  • Respondent privacy 

If you prepare a proper college questionnaire for your school with a defined aim and specific target audience, you will get great results. Your results will be reliable because they will be done within confidentiality. It will reach people quickly because it will be online, and getting feedback firsthand will ensure you reliable data.

College questionnaire types

A questionnaire’s objective is to collect information from the target audience, and it has countless categories, including college questionnaires. You have many types of college questionnaires that you can choose from based on your aim. You can create a college questionnaire that includes the following:

  • Student demographic questionnaire
  • Course evaluation questionnaire
  • Student information questionnaire
  • Student feedback questionnaire

You can learn much info after deciding on the question type, but you need to select the correct one because the data you will get vary. 

To give an example, open-ended questions will give you more detailed answers; however, it will take more time for them to fill in and also for you to check the answers. Scaling questions are used to gather data easily but are not as detailed as open-ended questions. For that reason, be careful while selecting the college questionnaire type. 

37+ question examples to use in your college survey

To evaluate student learning and student satisfaction or learn about lecturers’ needs, you need to create a college survey and ask the essential questions to your target audience. In the following questions with their categories below, you can find lots of samples for your survey template.

Survey questions to ask students about a class

Class is the heart of the whole education, so any data collection related to it should be regarded seriously. Data collection is made possible by the class survey questions, which allow the institutions to learn what works and what does not work in a class

1- Which classroom exercises have you learned the most from?

2- What three items have the most significant potential to enhance the class?

3- What is the one aspect of the class that, if you could, would change?

4- What do you hope to learn?

5- Do you believe that the equipment in the classroom was enough?

6- Have you ever had any difficulties adapting to the schedule?

7- What are your motivations for the class?

8- Is there anything that lowers your mood?

9- Do you think that there is anything that spoils the class atmosphere?

10- Which class equipment did you use most?

* * *

Fun survey questions for college students

Fun survey questions are the best ones for college students! You might ask some icebreaker questions or learn more about them in this category. By asking them fun questions, you can apply more fun activities by learning about what they like about college

11- Which classroom exercise do you find most enjoyable?

12- Do you have any role models in your life? If so, who is the person?

13- What is the wisest recommendation that you have ever taken?

14- Which of your classes was the best?

15- Which of your classes was the worst?

16- Is your favorite lesson the same as your lecturer's?

17- Do your friends show support?

18- Do you have any fun activities to do in college?

19- Do you have any favorite learning methods?

20- Do you have any favorite classroom activities?

21- What is the best thing that you have learned this semester?

22- Do you have any moment you will never forget? If so, can you explain?

* * *

Student satisfaction questions about college

Checking whether students are satisfied with their education throughout the semester is essential. By asking student satisfaction questions about college, the educational institutes will be able to assess student satisfaction with the course and enhance the curriculum being taught in the class

23- Can you list three things you did not enjoy about the class and explain why?

24- Can you list three things you enjoyed about the class and explain why?

25- Please list three things that might improve the instructor’s lessons.

26- How are you proud of being a part of the college?

27- What did you learn in this class that you found most valuable?

28- What about this college would you like to see changed?

29- Do you consider the explanations clear?

30- Do you think that the assignments were enough?

31- Is it simple to get the required materials from the campus library?

* * *

Survey questions to be asked to lecturers

In this kind of survey, you can ask your school's teachers about the teaching methods that are followed or learn about their complaints. Also, do not forget that it is essential for you to learn about your cast’s complaints.

32- How would you rate the class preparation?

33- Are you satisfied with the level of the classroom?

34- Do you have any favorite teaching methods?

35- Are there any students disrupting the course of the lesson?

36- Do you have any recommendations to improve the success?

37- Do you have enough access to reach the material?

How to create a college survey questionnaire without any coding

Coding a college survey questionnaire back to square one will take lots of time, for sure. If you do not want to lose any time on coding, you can simply start creating your own survey questionnaire by using an online survey tool like By following some steps with their explanations below, you can quickly start your college survey questionnaire based on your needs: 

1  - Select the survey’s goal

As we have discussed before, as a very initial step to take, it is essential for you to select the goal because, according to your goal, the type or the questions of the survey will change. After deciding on it, you can start your journey. 

Set survey goals beforehand

Set survey goals beforehand

* * *

2  - Add your questions

Creating your own questions is a vital point. Once you decide on the aim and target audience, it will be easier to select your survey questions. Knowing what your goal shapes your questions. Also, do not forget to take into account any detail while selecting the question type regarding your needs and priorities.  

Add your questionnaire/poll questions

Add your questionnaire/poll questions

* * *

3  - Share it

In the final step, you can share your college questionnaire after checking it. On, you can share the link via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, WordPress, or as a QR code as you wish. The more you share it, the more you will collect data, and it will perfect your survey in terms of getting more feedback.

Share your questionnaire with students

Share your questionnaire with students

* * *

4  - Analyze the replies

After collecting all the data you need, you should thoroughly evaluate the poll results. You should do it very carefully because each of them serves a purpose, and everyone who prepares them does so with the intention of reaching the goal.

Check out student answers

Check out student answers

Wrapping it up

To wrap it all up, it is crucial point for schools to get feedback because any kind of feedback will work for them. Learning this is possible with college surveys. If you want to increase the success of the college, it is undoubtedly essential for you to start a school survey

You might accomplish your missions faster by presenting student-oriented questions to ask in your college questionnaire. Last but not least, making your school successful will be good for you and the hundreds of students studying at your college!