Rental forms 101: Essentials you need to know

Aug 10, 2022 8 min read
Rental forms 101: Essentials you need to know

Ebru Çelik

With the increasing world population, shelter, one of the basic needs of humanity, has become a problem. While landlords cannot find suitable tenants, tenants often cannot find a suitable house for them. The conditions of the house, the rent, and the rental contracts are some of the points to which the landlords and tenants cannot agree. For this reason, both parties have problems most of the time.

In fact, both landlords and tenants are right in their own perspectives because while landlords have had bitter renter experiences in the past, residents may also have had many problems with their old bad homeowners. It is a more positive move for both parties to get to know each other and set their own rules before renting a house. For this reason, rental forms are one of the tools that should be used to avoid problems in the future.

What is a rental form?

Using rental forms is an excellent option for you if you are a landlord and looking for a suitable tenant for your home. With the rental form, you can understand whether the tenants are proper for you, and you can make your choice according to the results of the form. Background check is one of the significant features of rental forms.

Thanks to rental forms, you will have information about your potential tenant's rental history, and it is up to you to decide whether it is a reliable person or not. In addition to the rental form, the following are some of the forms used in the rental processes:

  • Rental application form
  • Lease agreement form
  • Inspection report forms
  • Move-In/Out checklists
  • Other rental documents

Why do you need to keep records?

Keeping a record is a valuable and practical habit in many parts of our lives. It allows us to trace the past and check the older records in case of need. You can make many of your jobs more manageable by keeping records not only of your business life but also of your private life data. Although keeping records by writing helps you in every way, having these records online will give you extra comfort. You can search for all the information you want with a single button.

Also, keeping records in your business life will be beneficial for you in many ways because saving essential papers such as tax documents will be in your favor in case of need. Moreover, considering that you have saved these files online, you will get the information you want by scanning all the information quickly. Here are three features of record keeping that will help you:

  • Analyze the past: When you need old data, you can look at the records you keep and get the information easily you are looking for.
  • Compare the records: You can compare an old record with your new information and smoothly identify the differences.
  • See the progress: It is also a good way to keep records to see how much progress and change has been made from the old to the new.

Can I create and use rental forms online?

You can create online forms for rent that will provide you with convenience in every aspect. Due to being one of the best applications to rent forms, will make your rental forms look even more professional and good with various features. Preparing forms for renting online is pretty easy with It prevents you from wasting your valuable time by preparing forms and noting records. With ready-made templates and easy-to-use features, you can create many forms without the need for coding.

Do you wonder how valid the forms you prepare online are before the law? It is possible that you have such a question in your mind because no one wants to be wrong when they are right. However, you don't have to worry because preparing online forms is not a legal problem. In fact, since you design your forms online, it will be easier for you to keep your records, so you will be able to present the documents in your archive instantly when you have a legal problem with your tenant. Therefore, there is no difference between online agreements and paper agreements.

You may be saying, why should renting my house be such a big problem and cause legal issues? however, it will be more advantageous for you to organize yourself for all possibilities and be prepared. For many people, property management can be challenging, and such commercial lease agreements may require you to take things more seriously. For this reason, it will reduce the responsibility of the people who own the property to do their rental-related business using online forms.

How do I create my rental forms online?

After realizing that it is more feasible to keep your old records online, you may want to learn how to create an online form. It will be reasonable for you to start preparing your form without delay. You can do this by using, which suggests lots of free templates to do the job. 

Additionally, in not only the templates but the app itself is completely free and everyone can enjoy all the qualities. Although is a form creator for free, it offers many features to use in online forms Moreover, even someone who has not created an online form before can easily create a form thanks to Here are the steps of how to create an online form:

1  - First, open on mobile or browser.

2  - On the templates page, you can find rental forms according to your needs such as lease agreement form, inspection report form, and rental application form.

3  - Once you have decided on the form that suits your purpose, you can choose one of the ready-made templates that are completely free.

4  - You can choose from dozens of templates in different patterns and colors, or you can create your own.

5  - If there are things you want to add other than the questions in your form, you can change it.

6  - If your form is not in the colors you want, you can change them from the themes section.

7  - For the design of your form, you can add a thank you or welcome page to the form from the settings section.

8  - In addition, you can obtain electronic signatures from your tenants to make your form more legal in the settings section.

3 rental form samples to get you started

For people who are creating online forms for the first time or who have never created a form before, offers sample forms in its app. These sample forms can sometimes be used by people who do not have much time to prepare them or who are too lazy to prepare. The amount of time you spend creating forms will decrease as you use ready-made examples. 

In addition, rental forms are not only for landlords and tenants, people can use them for all other rental businesses. You can create forms to rent rooms, cars, and even bikes. You can view form templates such as room rental agreement, car rental agreement with Furthermore, the following types of forms have different purposes and functions; also, the related form is used for specific topics. The goals of the sample forms are as follows:

Rental application form

As the name suggests, the rental application form is a kind of step to evaluate tenant options. It is a very useful form not only as a homeowner but also for real estate agents because you don't waste time talking to tenants who want to stay at home for long hours on the phone.

In this form, in addition to the classic questions such as name, surname, and contact addresses, it also asks questions such as the dates that prospective tenants want to stay in the house or whether they have animals. Depending on the landlord, how many people will live in the house can also be an extra type of question.

Rental agreement form

After the rental application form, you have found the tenant you are looking for, and now you want to make an agreement, so you can prepare the rental agreement form online without losing your valuable time thanks to In this form, apart from the information such as name, surname, and contact information on both sides, there are additional deposit fees, monthly rental fees, and electronic signature fields. The landlord can also add texts that are part of the contract, such as terms and conditions, and make it more formal.

Rental verification form

After preparing all the forms, if you still have doubts about whether your tenant is a trustworthy person, the rental verification form is for you. The landlord can send the form to the previous or current landlord of the possible tenant and ask them to complete it. In the form, there are questions such as whether the tenant damaged the house or paid the rent on time. There are also questions such as “would you like to rent again to understand the satisfaction of the landlord?”. Finally, there is the signature field to understand that the former landlord actually filled out the form.

In brief, In terms of rental also has a large number of templates to suit your purpose and function. The forms are very convenient to use not only for landlords but also for people who do rental business. If you do not want to waste your valuable time with paper works, you can use the ready-made templates below without wasting your time: