7 ways to increase customer retention

Jun 15, 2022 6 min read
7 ways to increase customer retention

Defne Çobanoğlu

Finding new customers for your business is important for process and growth; however, the ultimate goal is to turn your customers into loyal buyers. By keeping your customers happy and engaged, you can ensure that they remain loyal to your brand and continue doing business with you. There are many different ways to go about increasing customer retention, and it often requires a lot of effort and dedication. But in the end, it's well worth it to keep your customers coming back for more.

Make sure you're doing everything you can to keep your customers happy. It's important to focus on customer retention in order to maintain a strong and loyal customer base. By improving customer satisfaction, you’ll make sure they continue doing business with you and recommend your brand to others.

There are many ways to help increase retention. For example, by using a simple online market research survey or a feedback survey, you can acquire the specific data you did not have otherwise. Afterward, using that precious data for good is up to you and your business plan.

What is customer retention, and why is it matters so much?

Customer retention is the practice of keeping customers loyal to your business. It's important because it helps you maintain a strong and profitable customer base. By keeping your customers happy and engaged, you can ensure that they remain loyal to your brand and continue doing business with you.

Customer retention is crucial for businesses because, according to Invesp the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5% to 20%.” Therefore, it is both smart and economical to continue with this prospect. 

That is where market research survey templates come in handy. They are one of the smart ways to collect information on the overall market. There are also other tips and tricks to have in mind when you run your business and have market research to get the maximum result. Here are 7 ways to increase customer retention:

7 ways you can increase customer retention

Increasing customer retention is very important for any business as it is both economical and smart. And the best way to achieve this goal is by knowing your target audience. Deciding to acquire data on the market and the desires of clients is the first step to success. Afterward, the next step is to find the right way to do it. Here are a few tips on how you can increase customer retention:

1  - Make sure you're providing excellent customer service. This is the foundation of keeping your customers happy and ensuring they have a positive experience with your brand.

2  - Having a general knowledge of the market is a big help. This data can be acquired by using a market research survey example. Thanks to the knowledge this survey brings, you can create a divide between your competitors and yourself.

3  - Engage with your customers regularly: Keep them updated on new products, services, or deals. Let them know that you value their business and are always working to improve their experience.

4  - If you lose any customers or subscribers, try using a churn survey to know what your business lacks to improve yourself. Afterward, analyze the data and decide on future plans.

5  - Offer rewards or loyalty programs. This can give customers an incentive to continue doing business with you.

6  - Listen to feedback and address concerns promptly. It's important to take customer feedback seriously and use it to make improvements to your business. For accurate feedback, using a customer satisfaction survey would be very helpful.

7  - If you go out of your way to specifically thank your customers (or send them gifts) for their purchase, they will remember your efforts to show gratitude. And they will surely know that you care.

By following these 7 tips, you can start to increase customer retention and build a stronger, more loyal customer base. This will help your company and its success.

Customer retention for subscription products

Customer retention is especially important for subscription products and subscription-based business models. Because bigger the pool of subscribers to one’s company means higher the profits. And if the cost of a single client makes your company lose money in the long run, that means some critical changes are needed.

If you lose a subscriber, it can be very difficult to get them back. That's why it's important to make sure that your existing customers are happy and engaged with your product and services. Providing exclusive benefits and customized offers according to clients’ purchases is another way to leverage this approach without spending a ton.

That is exactly what Amazon did with Amazon prime. This subscription option was originally created to bring customers faster delivery. If you want to continue with this offer, make sure you are offering something people want. This can be about customer development and understanding your audience’s desires and challenges. 

Because according to Accenture:

 “91% of customers are more likely to purchase from brands that provide them with meaningful and relevant offers.”

How to measure customer retention rates

One way to measure customer retention rates is to look at the percentage of customers who continue to do business with you after a certain period of time. This can help you to track your progress and determine whether or not you're successfully retaining your customers. You can also look at customer attrition rates, which is the percentage of customers who leave your business over a certain period of time. But here is the formula for calculating the customer retention rates (CRR):

1.  Write down how many customers you have at the end of a given period (this can be a month, quarter, or year).

2.  In order to get the correct numbers, subtract the number of new customers you’ve acquired over that time.

3.  Divide this by the number of customers you had at the beginning of that period.

4.  And lastly, multiply that by one hundred and see your customer retention rate.

There are many different factors that can affect customer retention and attrition rates. Some of these include customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and the quality of your product or service. If you're not retaining your customers, it could be because they're not satisfied with what you're offering. Make sure that you're always providing high-quality products and services and that you're constantly striving to improve the customer experience.

It's also important to focus on customer engagement. If customers are actively using and engaging with your product or service, they're much less likely to leave. Make sure that you're offering features and benefits that appeal to your customers and that you're regularly communicating with them.


By increasing customer retention, you can ensure that your business is always growing. Make sure that you're putting effort into retaining your customers, and you'll see the rewards in the form of increased loyalty and sales. These 7 different ways to increase customer retention we mentioned above will surely help those who mind them. 

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