5 consent form examples that will save your day

Dec 08, 2021 5 min read
5 consent form examples that will save your day

Salim Dın

Whether it is for a photograph, school trip, or medical application, having people’s consent is essential. In today’s online world, however, it can be a terrible burden to collect hard copies of the permissions. As a matter of fact, it can cause delays if the other party lives in another city or abroad.’s completely free consent form examples are the perfect solution to prevent boring paperwork and issues. completely understands that “Modern times require modern consent forms” and offers you the best consent form templates and handy editing features. You can simply select a template and add an e-signature field under the information about the process or activity. With complete freedom in changing the form fields and consent requirements, you can create the exact form you want and clear out any ethical or legal concerns.

What are online consent forms? 

An online consent form is an easier and more convenient way for collection permissions. However, in addition to what an online consent form is, it is important to understand what it offers. With a consent form example, for example, it takes only a couple of seconds to create your custom form. Here are some other fundamental differences between traditional consent forms and modern online consent forms:

  • Instantly share online consent forms on social media or send them directly.
  • Access to an enormous library of consent form examples.
  • Simply collect e-signatures from people
  • In case of any change, easily edit your online release form.

How to create online consent forms?

Imagine you are creating a parental consent form for tattooing minors or a school trip. It would be difficult to start without having any base or checking out other consent templates. Not to mention how burdensome to use hard copies. That’s why has created a great pool of consent form examples. On, you can simply select a consent document sample and start creating your custom form with easy-to-use features.

Collect e-Signatures through your consent forms

While a simple checkbox can be enough for collecting consent, it is always more secure and reliable to have e-signatures. On, the best and simplest way to add an e-signature field is by selecting it from the form fields menu. It is also possible to integrate other web applications to collect signatures. 

However, first, you have to select a consent form example. After selecting a template of your choice, you can adjust it according to your needs. As they have general fields and questions, you will save a lot of time. Below you can explore these 5 informed consent templates and use them for various situations, from medical care to copyrights.

Photo consent form template

Today any publisher or photographer is familiar with the concept of a photo release form. It is a document used for collecting permission from photo models or artists. On, you can create an online release form in seconds. This online form will make your workflow more flexible and enable international cooperation.’s photo consent form template includes basic questions for receiving consent and has a great design.

Informed consent form template

Before asking for permission, it is important that people know what they agree on. For all the activities you need consent, from the most innocent medical treatment to a city tour for children, you have to add an information field for the other party. By using the informed consent form template on, you can easily edit and inform people. As an alternative, you can leave a free space for them to state their consent.

Medical consent form template

“Informed consent is required for every invasive medical procedure, from getting your ears pierced to having an abortion.” These are the exact words of the American politician Bob McDonnell. And that is right, it is both ethical and legally required to use a medical release form before any action. As an extra, you can add some additional questions for having information about the medical history of the patient. Simply open the medical consent form template, check its fields, and change the ones you like.

Research consent form template

Science has picked up huge interest among societies in the last centuries. However, it also raised some moral questions about it. Today, any research or experiment conducted without participants' consent may take a bad turn, for good. Nevertheless, you can easily avoid ethical concerns by using the free research consent form template and creating a custom consent form on

Tattoo consent form template

If you are a tattoo artist, it means you already know the procedure. In most countries, you have to have the consent of the people before applying any permanent tattoos on their bodies. They must know the risks and you must know if they have any allergies. This is especially important if you are tattooing minors. Luckily, the tattoo consent form template provides you with the important fields and makes it effortless to create your online form.