What is an NPS survey (Definition & Examples)

Dec 28, 2022 6 min read
What is an NPS survey (Definition & Examples)

Sena Akman

The primary goal of brands is to expand and promote their brand by interacting with more consumers. By focusing on the customers' preferences, brands hope to retain those customers. Customers tell their friends about a product or company they enjoy. You typically ask your customers a question to determine their Net Promoter Score or NPS. NPS questions, “How likely are you to recommend us to people you know?” or “How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?” It should consist of short phrases. The company can quickly get feedback from the audience who avoid long surveys and are bored and unable to answer.

The brand and the customer have connected directly, thanks to NPS. Due to their ability to evaluate the company, product, service, or brand, customers feel more valuable. By using a customer satisfaction survey, you make your customer feel important. Customers fell closer to the brand. The brand's growth rate is pushed open by its decision to act after listening to its customers. Let's give an example NPS survey example;

Can you evaluate the last service you received? 

The company that sent the study knows the last service you received. Brands will associate this with the score you will give. The company will do something good for the development of this product/service.

The Definition of Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey

How likely it is for customers to recommend your business to others is evaluated by the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey's only question. Customer experience is a good predictor of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. A score between -100 and 100 is produced using the answers to the NPS questionnaire. Customers are categorized using the NPS score, which also aids businesses in enhancing customer satisfaction.

When calculating NPS, your customers are classified according to their responses as follows:

1.  Detractors (0-6)

This participant group is the customer group who does not like the service they receive and will probably talk about the negativities they have experienced. They are unhappy customers. It is essential to read each of the comments made by these personal views and improve. 

2.  Passives (7-8)

This group does not have a positive or negative opinion about the service they receive. In a way, It can be called a Neutral group. They are likely to be exposed to offers from competing companies.

3.  Promoters (9-10)

This group is satisfied with the service they receive and will share their satisfaction with their environment. They will continue buying and supporting growth by referring others.

How did NPS surveys become a standard? 

Net Promoter Score is a technique for assessing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty that uses a scoring system based on an index range. NPS was first developed in 2003 by Bain and Company, and now it is used by many brands. NPS scores are used to categorize feedback into positive and negative categories. 

Everything can be measured using an NPS score. NPS can compare the brand's performance to that of rivals. Users will better understand their target market and respond to customer service agents. Creating a loyal customer base is the aim. NPS surveys have become a standard.

There are many reasons a business should measure NPS

  • To increase the Customer Satisfaction Rate.
  • To evaluate customer loyalty.
  • To determine the sources of dissatisfaction and potential improvement.

How to create a Net Promoter Score survey in seconds

Using the Net Promoter Score survey tool, you can provide many advantages to your brand. Many survey templates offers to its users. You can create NPS in seconds on By following the steps below, you can prepare the NPS, which is easy, fast, and will attract the participants' attention.

1  - Firstly, you can create an account on the Or quickly log into your existing account. 

* * *

2  - You can choose one of the ready-to-use and free quiz templates on

* * *

3  - Click on the plus symbol on the screen and select star rating

* * *

4  - You should write the numbers 0-10 in the options section.

* * *

5  - You can choose the rating style

* * *

6  - You can add a comment field if you want to collect more information.

How to show your NPS survey to your visitors

It is effortless to add NPS, measuring customer experience with the service they receive and the recommendation rate to other users on your website. There is a step-by-step explanation of how to embed NPS on the website. This is how to embed your NPS survey on a website:

1  - Create an account on the or log into it.

2  - Choose one of the ready-to-use and completely free NPS survey templates on or prepare a net promoter score template on a blank paper.

3  - Click the share button

4  - Click the embed as Iframe button under the privacy setting. With this option, you can specify the size of the NPS. 

5  - Copy the link in the box and embed it to your website; NPS will open when you set it on your website.

What is a good response rate for an NPS survey?

A reasonable response rate may differ depending on your industry, market segment, and customer types. First, you should look at the industry average in which your business is located. While +50 points is a very successful score in some sectors, +20 points can be considered successful in some industries. NPS below 0 indicates that the company has many problems to solve. It is essential to follow the NPS score periodically. You can measure NPS instantly and compare monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Actionable tips to improve your NPS survey results

NPS is a practical method that allows the customers to evaluate you with a single question instead of long and complicated survey questions. So how can you improve your NPS survey to reach more customers?

  • Sending NPS surveys to users at the right time.

Getting the timing right can help increase the rate of return to your NPS survey. The rate of solving the study will be meager, as users on your website aim to leave the site after they finish the process they have done. Presenting the NPS survey to users when they finish their work on your website will increase their participation.

  • Using an attractive design

Using themes that attract users will increase participation in the NPS survey, helping you reach more customers. You can edit your NPS survey design to attract customers' attention.

  • Using condition setting, which offers users

Increase the return of the survey by adjusting the conditions provided by to its users. Changing the condition settings allows you to add or remove new questions based on users' answers. If the user scores between 0-6, you can ask a question where users can share their suggestions

  • Using short questions.

In NPS questions, users can focus on the purpose and ask their customers short questions. The shortness of the survey will not bore the participants and will increase participation.

Free example to create your own NPS survey

Surveys work best when you get as high a response rate as possible. You can increase the attention of customers by making a survey. Net Promoter Score surveys are one of the most powerful ways to understand and improve your customer experience. You can start by importing the following template for NPS survey questions, which are very useful for enhancing your brand.


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