5 tips to create engaging online quizzes

Feb 18, 2022 5 min read
5 tips to create engaging online quizzes Team

Online quizzes are awesome in many ways. They can be educational if you want them to be. They are a great source of fun. People can get competitive. Online quizzes are really easy to make too! Just use a form builder like, and have a quiz set up in minutes!

What is an online quiz and why should you create one?

A quiz is a test of knowledge. Usually, it’s a competition with other people. People don’t need to take the quiz at the same time. However, it might help to prevent unfair advantage for more serious situations. When you create a quiz online, firstly, you no longer need to use paperwork. Secondly, people can take the quiz from different places using their devices. Also, Online quizzes can reach more people, be more engaging, and can be used for a variety of things such as lead generation.

Using an online quiz maker to add a quiz to your website, for example, is a great way to have a huge amount of people engage in a quiz. How and why you use the quiz is up to you. As mentioned it can be used for lead generation, to get some sort of feedback, and of course, it can be just for fun too! If you have an organization with a website, you can embed quizzes to your website using So an online quiz is not only easy to use but also amplifies the benefits.

Creating exquisite online quizzes on (5 great tips)

The best way to create an online quiz is by using a quiz/form builder. For this, is an amazing tool, full of useful features that will not only help you make a great quiz but also manage answers and calculate points! We have a guide on how to create a quiz with Create an interactive quiz by using our quiz maker for your website! Here are great tips that also show you what you can gain by using

Make use of our ‘Design’ tab

Quizzes are among the forms that benefit from having a good-looking design the most. Of course, depending on your reason and type of quiz, not everything can be colorful and upbeat. However, with, every quiz can look crisp and sharp!

Embed your quiz to reach more people

An embedded quiz on an active website will get more people to do the quiz. Whatever your goals with the quiz might be, if you benefit from a large number of quiz takers, use our quiz maker and embed it on your website. Embedding is really easy because there’s a quiz embed feature in the "Share" tab.

Use Welcome and Thank-You pages

In the “Settings” tab, you can add a welcome and a thank you page. However, their use exceeds their name. You can, for example, use the welcome page as a means to communicate quiz rules. More importantly, a thank-you page can be used to immediately show quiz results to quiz takers. How does that work? We have a great calculator feature!

Using the calculator

With, you can implement a point system in your form. You can decide how many points people get depending on the answers given. It isn’t limited to right answers either, if you make a personality quiz, for example, you can make it so that the answers give points on a scale. Then, will calculate the end result to correspond to a personality type.

Shape your quiz according to your goal

As mentioned before, quizzes may be used for many different goals. Whether it’s for fun, education, or professional reasons will matter when you make your quiz form. If it’s to have some interactive content for marketing reasons, It’s a good idea to ask for some personal information that can be used for generating leads.

Speeding up the process by using quiz templates

Creating online tests with our free quiz maker is already pretty quick. However, if you’d like to have some ideas and/or want to start by having some basics fleshed out, using our templates is a good idea. We have a bunch of templates at the ready for our users. When you begin creating a form, you’ll see a list of templates to use. You can also use the links we provided down below to reach templates.

Start now by whatever way you think is best for you. Use’s amazing features and create a great looking form. Create quizzes without effort, embed them to your website and post them to social media! 

Online quiz form templates

All of our online quiz form templates are available to use. You can choose whatever works for you and begin building upon it! We also have guides, such as a guide to create online trivia quizzes. Here are some examples and ideas for quiz forms: