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Product Order Form Template

A product order form helps you receive online orders and sell your products or services. With an online product order form, you can list your items, add their photos, and allow online purchases. Create your form with’s free product order form template and make the order process easy for everyone!

Product Order Form Template


Why use an online product order form?

Creating an online order form will boost your business incredibly if you have a bakery shop, a clothing boutique, or another small business where you sell your products. After selecting one of the order form templates and creating your own form, you will be able to accept orders online and offer many payment methods. All you have to do, create a product catalog and add them to your product catalog. 

Further, a product order form will help you reach more customers. You will have many sharing options once you have completed your form. As people spend most of their time on social media, it can be a wise choice to post and pin the form link on your social media accounts. But you can also embed the form into your website with an easy copy and paste. For traditional marketing, such as using flyers, you may place a QR code on the form link. 

How to create a perfect product order form to sell your products?

Today many buyers prefer online shopping over traditional one. And they tend to shop from the places they trust. Therefore, it is important that your form includes all the purchase requisitions and has a professional design. As order request forms often include similar questions, you can easily create great and outstanding forms by considering some points:

  • Include common questions and edit them for your products: When selling items online, you have to pay attention to a few things. And one of them is to ensure the customers enter all the required information. So after adding or editing the fields to collect personal and contact information, you can easily make them required to proceed with the purchase.
  • Make sure to have an engaging design: How your form looks matters to most buyers. After selecting the product order form sample, you can easily choose from free themes or use advanced options to design your form from scratch. For example, you can use a custom image background to have a consistent design with your website style. Explore your options to have an amazing-looking product order form.
  • Add product photos and descriptions to increase your sales: More often than not, people want to see the photos of the product they buy. Once you have opened the product order form template, you can easily add your own items to the product basket. And make sure to add photos and explain their use to inform people.
  • Offer multiple payment options: Through, people can pay for your products via many different methods. For instance, you can use their debit & credit cards or PayPal & Stripe accounts. However, these are not all. You can also add manual payment methods, such as cash on delivery. By using and this product order form, you can offer the standard options or add new ones.
  • Use smart integration options to send receipts: offers you numerous integration options with other web applications. To automate the process, you can easily use them through Zapier. While sending receipts is optional for accepting online payments, it could help you create a trustable image for your company.
  • Enable notifications: To prepare the orders more quickly and send them to the delivery address, you may consider enabling the form notifications. This way, each time a product order form is submitted, you will receive push notifications or an automated email. You can also enable this option for your customers so that they will receive an email to inform them about their order.

How to get the most out of the product order form template? provides a great and ready-to-use form sample and advanced customization options for you. So, you can easily use it just by adding your products to the form and signing into your PayPal or Stripe account. But it is also smart to edit the questions and form fields according to your business type. This sample will give you an idea of how a standard order form should look and function. By using’s product order form template, get started in no time!

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