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How to send form responses to a spreadsheet

Do you need your response data on a spreadsheet? That’s easy with’s powerful integrations with Google Sheets and Excel Online. Thanks to these integrations, you will be able to send your form responses to a spreadsheet in real-time. 📈

The ways of streamlining your responses to a spreadsheet ⬇️

Most times, spreadsheets are helpful in more than one way for businesses. They help you efficiently store data and help you with collaboration and data visualizations. And as they are in the most commonly used file formats, it is easy to share them. 

On, you can either download your form responses as a spreadsheet or integrate with them to send your data as you receive them. Here are two integration options you can use to send your data to a spreadsheet. 

➡️Learn more about Google Sheets integration

➡️Learn more about MS Excel Online integration

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