What's new - Learn about the recent changes to

Sep 16, 2022 5 min read
What's new - Learn about the recent changes to

Salim Dın ever grows with new users and always has updates to provide more functionality and productivity. Witness how evolves and gains new features with every update!

On this page, you will learn what’s new and what has changed in If you have any feature ideas, send us your feedback today!

16/09/2022 - Let’s dim the lights! (Dark mode) now offers a dark mode option to its users! With this new update, your default theme will apply to You can change between dark mode and light mode at any time. Simply click on your profile and select the theme you want! 💡🌿

➡️Learn more about dark mode and its benefits here⬅️

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25/08/2022 - Say hello to Yes/No questions! 

Did we say’s numbers are growing? Oh, yes. So do its features! The Yes/No questions join the ranks of our form fields.

The Yes/No question field is a simple alternative to a single selection field. Anyone can use Yes/No questions to ask questions with two answers. 

As an addition to our choice question fields, the Yes/No field comes with a different layout than other choice question fields. Add a Yes/No question to your form and see how it looks today! ✅❌

* * *

04/07/2022 - Team collaboration, folders, and more 

Another big update and new big features! now has many features to make it easy to create and track forms for teams and businesses. Visit here to learn more about this update; because there are so many to learn about this update.

Let’s take a look at each feature one by one:

  • Team Collaboration: You want to work as a team on Invite them over! You can now create forms, manage them, and see the results together as a team.💼
  • Folders: Wouldn't it be better if you could classify your forms and manage them more effectively? Yes, that’s why we are introducing folders. You can create folders for segmentation or share your forms with your team members. Try it out today!📂
  • New User Interface for the my-forms page: With great functionality comes a great interface. Or two! My-forms page has now been renewed. Check out how list & grid views look today! 💻
  • Archive & Trash: Have unnecessary forms on your dashboard? Send them to the archive and see them only when you want to. Or throw them in the trash! But, be careful; your forms will stay in the trash for only 30 days. 🗑🗄

* * *

29/04/2022 - HubSpot integration, response filter, link preview customization, and new reporting features 

  • HubSpot integration: HubSpot is a great tool for email marketing, customer relationship management, and more. And now, you can use online forms to collect data and send it to your Hubspot account. This Hubspot integration opens up great possibilities; visit here to see how you can set up’s HubSpot integrations in a few simple steps. 🔌
  • Response filter: Viewing responses and finding what you are looking for are a lot easier now. By clicking the filter button on the sidebar, you can filter through all the responses. Check it out today! 📑
  • Snippet preview & customization: Today, snippets are everywhere. For example, it will show a snippet when you post a link on Twitter. So, we decided to add a snippet preview and customization options. Simply go to the Share page and hit the edit button next to your form URL! 🔗🔮
  • New reporting features: You created your form and collected data, but you need to know more about your respondent? Then visit our statistics page. Now you can see more details on the statistics page, like location, operation system, and browser. 📈📊

* * *

18/04/2022 - Discord integration

Discord is a great application for sending instant messages and creating communities. Businesses often use Discord as a virtual office platform. So, it is a great place to work together. 

That’s why we have integrated with Discord to allow you to show form responses as messages in a Discord room. 🔌

➡️Read more to learn more about’s Discord integration and how to set it up for your forms⬅️

* * *

05/04/2022 - MailChimp integration

Mailchimp is a popular email marketing tool that helps businesses send and track emails. If you are a Mailchimp user, then you can now integrate your forms with Mailchimp to create contacts automatically. 🔌

➡️Learn how to set up’s Mailchimp integration by clicking here! ⬅️

* * *

09/03/2022 - Google Calendar Integration & shuffling options for choice questions

Today, two great features have been added to; Google Calendar integration and shuffling options for choice questions.

  • Google Calendar integration: Wouldn’t it be great to create events on your calendar automatically? Yes, it would. Now you can integrate your forms with Google Calendar to create events based on your responses. Try it out today! 📆🔌
  • Shuffling options for choice questions: Do you think the order of your answer options will affect respondents? Then, you will like this feature! You can show answers randomly for each respondent by enabling the shuffle option on the field settings.

* * *

09/02/2022 - Slack Integration

Slack is a great platform for communities, businesses, and organizations to connect and communicate. With’s Slack integration, you can send form responses (or only a part of them) to a Slack channel. It is a great way to work together and increase productivity within a team. 🔌

➡️Learn more about’s Slack integration and how you can enable it in seconds⬅️

* * *

03/02/2022 - MS Excel integration & new integrations tab under settings

Today, we are moving integrations under the settings page and introducing a new integration; Microsoft Excel.

Excel is an excellent software for creating tables and spreadsheets. And keeping data in excel documents is among the best practices for many companies today. Now, you can send your form data to an Excel document automatically. Check out our Excel integration today!

Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp Integrations are now on the settings page and under the integrations option. 🔌

* * *

23/12/2021 - Comment section for choice question types 

Do you want to ask questions with pre-given answers and still want to allow your respondents to write their thoughts freely? You can now add a comment section to your choice questions. 

Simply enable this option and enjoy collecting quantitive and qualitative data at the same time! 📃

* * *

14/10/2021 - New languages for templates

Form templates are now available in 6 different languages. This will enable you to create forms in your native language a lot faster if you choose a suitable template for your needs. 🎎

(Last updated on 16.09.2022)


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