21 amazing event feedback survey questions for your post-event surveys

Mar 07, 2023 7 min read
21 amazing event feedback survey questions for your post-event surveys

Ayşegül Nacu

In every aspect of our lives, we constantly take part in or plan events. The benefits these events bring us and the opportunities they present us with vary. At the conclusion of the event, feedback is crucial.

Surveys can be a vital tool for evaluating the success of different initiatives and activities. Surveys can assist in gathering insightful comments and data that can be used to assess the success of a program, service, or event. Although there are many types of surveys, in this article, we will define and analyze post-event surveys.

What is an event feedback survey?

Event feedback surveys are questionnaires that can include open-ended and multiple-choice questions. So you can get feedback from your attendees, vendors, organizers, etc. It’s just like communicating with them. 

Event feedback improves your future events. You probably know that people love to share their opinions and comments. However, receiving feedback is not so easy. In this article, we will show you how to collect feedback in the best way and the most appropriate questions to ask to get feedback.

21 great survey questions for post events

It is possible to ask many questions depending on the type, time, participants, and venue of the event. There are categories such as presentation survey questions, travel agency feedback questions, museum visitor questions, speech evaluation questions, and so on. As the team, we put together 21 amazing questions as a recommendation for you. Also, the form fields in which you can ask the following questions are indicated in parentheses.

Post-event survey questions for attendees

In this type of post-event survey questions, you can find out the attendees’ participation purpose. You can also measure attendees' satisfaction. You can figure out if there are any access problems with the event and assess the level of approval or disapproval among attendees, as well as your performance as the event's organizer.

For instance, the quality of the food being sold or served can be assessed. You can get some information about the attendees' loyalty by asking certain questions. You can learn many things with many types of questions, not just these examples.

1  - For what purpose did you participate in this event? (Multiple-selection)

a  - Business

b  - Entertainment

c  - Networking opportunities

d  - Other (please specify)

2  - Did you learn about this event through social media? if so, which platform? (Multiple-selection)

a  - Instagram

b  - Twitter

c  - Facebook

d  - LinkedIn

e  - Youtube

f  - Other (please specify)

3  - In your opinion, did this event meet your expectations? (Yes/No)

4  - Did you have any difficulties participating in this event? (Long-text)

5  - What were your favorite / least favorite aspects of this event? (Long-text)

6  - If served, how was the food and drinks at the event? (Single-selection)

a  - Quality

b  - Poor quality

c  - Not sure

7  - Have you attended the event before? (Yes/No)

8  - Would you recommend this event to your friend or colleague? Why? (Long-text)

* * *

Post event survey questions for vendors

You can find out if there are any issues with accessing event information by asking these kinds of post-event survey questions. You can inquire about your staff members' participation levels. The questions posed to vendors are intended to act as a connecting factor between them. Additionally, you can learn about the thoughts on prices.

9  - Have you been given all the necessary information about the event? (Yes/No)

10  - How many of your employees participated in this event? (Number)

11  - Are there any messages you would like to convey to other suppliers? (Long-text)

12  - Was the pricing fair and competitive compared to other vendors? (Yes/No)

* * *

Post event survey questions for staff

These questions reveal the issues that the staff is having. You can learn more about the dynamics of the staff team. You can inquire about the staff members' qualifications. so that you can gain insights for subsequent actions. Moreover, you can compile training-related complaints and suggestions.

13  - Did you encounter any problems in planning or executing the event? If so, what were these problems? (Long-text)

14  - How would you rate the team spirit? (Star-rating)

15  - Do you think you are adequate for the role you have in the event? (Yes/No)

16  - Would you be willing to participate in the next event? (Yes/No)

17  - Do you have any good ideas to improve staff training? (Long-text)

* * *

Post event survey questions for organizers

The marketing and promotion of the event can be used to measure its success. These questions help in your comprehension of the organization's procedures. From the perspective of the organizer, you can evaluate the event's suitability. You can learn at what level the activity is advised. You can tell how the organizer strikes a balance between diversity and inclusivity.

18  - Can you share your thoughts on marketing and promotion? (Long-text)

19  - How was the organizational process of this event? Can you tell us about the important situations you experienced? (Long-text)

20  - Was the event's content relevant and engaging? (Yes/No)

21  - How did you ensure inclusivity and diversity during the event? (Long-text)

* * *

How to conduct an event feedback survey

Using a post-event survey to collect feedback from participants is a fantastic approach for finding out what went well and what needs to be improved for events in the future. You can use the steps listed below to build a successful post-event feedback survey:

Step 1: Set your objectives

Determine the data you want to collect from your attendees before constructing your survey. Do you wish to learn if they had fun at the occasion? Do they value the information? Understanding your objectives can help you organize your inquiries and obtain pertinent data. It is important to keep the survey short. For some people, open ended questions may be difficult to answer. If you wish, you can use multiple choice questions for survey fillers to answer quickly.

Step 2: Sign into

Choose a user-friendly platform that lets you tailor your survey to your needs, like Please click the link to begin developing your post-event survey. forms app is the perfect app for creating post-event surveys. 

* * *

Step 3: Create your survey 

Create questions that will assist you in gathering the information you need while keeping in mind the objectives you established in step one. Make sure your questions are simple to understand and include options for answers that address every conceivable scenario. You can use the several templates that provides. 

* * *

Step 4: Test your survey

Test the survey before sending it to participants to make sure everything is working as it should and that all the questions are simple to understand.

* * *

Step 5: Send your survey to participants

Once you're satisfied with your survey, it's time to send it to your participants. You can email it, post it on social media, or include a link on your event website.

* * *

Step 6: Analyze the data

After gathering feedback, spend some time analyzing the data to find any areas that could use improvement for upcoming events. Utilize the comments to make adjustments and enhance participants’ experiences at upcoming events.


Creating survey forms is the best way to collect feedback from your audience. It’s also quick and easy. Creating this type of survey provides your business or team with valuable feedback. Even for virtual events, you can build a feedback form.

Indeed, at the end of the event, you can really see the scale of the success of your event. Thus, you will be prepared for the next events. Remember that all feedback is useful. Each participant, and therefore each participant's experience, is unique. Both positive and negative feedback will benefit you in some way.