11 best Paperform alternatives (free & paid)

Nov 09, 2022 10 min read
11 best Paperform alternatives (free & paid)

Hilal Kara

If you are interested in online forms, you might be familiar with Paperform. Paperform is a practical online form builder designed for small businesses. Even if you are not familiar with programming languages, the platform allows you to create structured, expert forms.

Paperform is a versatile and easy program, but it may not satisfy you in some aspects. You can choose from the 11 alternatives listed below.  For more information about Paperform, let's take a look at what Paperform is and how it works.

Let’s get to know Paperform

Paperform is a practical online form creator designed for small businesses. The platform lets you create structured, expert forms even if you are new to programming languages. Its editable templates make creating forms efficient and straightforward. 

The system allows users to sell, receive reservations, and communicate with customers all in one place. However, it does not have a free plan. It offers a free trial for only 14 days. Plan details are as follows:

  • Essentials Plan: $24/monthly
  • Pro Plan: $49/monthly
  • Agency Plan: $159/monthly
 Paperform pricing

 Paperform pricing

Now let's look at why you should look for alternatives to Paperform.

  • After a 14-day trial with Paperform, you can continue to create forms by paying a fee. 
  • Monthly prices are quite high for limited use.
  • Although it is web-based, there is no desktop version and no phone support.
  • Paperform lacks some features such as access controls.

As mentioned above, Paperform can be a useful form creator for some. However, it can be a bit expensive for some and this is a disadvantage. When selecting a form builder, be sure to consider every aspect because functionality and usability will affect the outcome.  Now check out alternatives similar to Paperform and make your choice.

The top 11 alternatives to Paperform in 2023

Paperform can be an option for creating online forms. However, if you are considering using it for free, you should look into alternatives. There are many free platforms with functions like Paperform. Check out these alternatives now and find the one that suits you best.

1  - is a professional platform where you can create customizable forms for free. You might have thought that because it is free, there would be limited features. But it offers you the necessary features to create perfect forms. One of them is free templates. Here you can make changes as you wish and create a completely personal form.


  • Thanks to conditional logic, you do not waste users' time with unnecessary questions and allow them to answer your form willingly without getting bored.
  • There are more than 400 ready-made templates. And so you do not have to spend a lot of time creating your forms.
  • There is a calculator so you can calculate exam scores easier.
  • With privacy settings, you can control who has access to your forms.
  • You can get a limited response on the free plan. But it contains 150 answers and may help you. pricing

  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Basic Plan: $19 per month ($12 when billed yearly)
  • Pro Plan: $29 per month($19 when billed yearly)
  • Premium Plan: $99 per month ($59 when billed yearly)
#1 Paperform alternative -

#1 Paperform alternative -

* * *

2  - Formstack

Formstack is one of the options that may assist you in creating numerous forms on any topic you need. Integration of various third-party programs such as MailChimp, Salesforce, PayPal, Amazon S3, and WebMerge is supported by Formstack. There are mobile apps for iOS and Android tools to control your work remotely.


  • With conditional logic, you can reach the answers you are looking for faster.
  • Because it is mobile-compatible, you can use it from any device.
  • There is no free plan option. There is only a 14-day trial period.
  • Since ready-made templates are few, they may not meet all your needs.

Formstack pricing

  • Starter Plan: $59 per month ($50 when billed yearly)
  • Team Plan: $99 per month ($83 when billed yearly)
  • Pro Plan: $249 per month ($208 when billed yearly)
  • Enterprise Plan: You should contact them for the price of this plan.
#2 Paperform alternative - Formstack

#2 Paperform alternative - Formstack

* * *

3  - Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is another alternative for creating online forms. Creating and designing forms does not require any coding skills. Thanks to its advanced features, you can create interesting forms for various uses. Thanks to these features, it will be very easy for you to create well-designed forms.


  • Reports can be exported for detailed analysis.
  • With real-time notifications, you will be instantly informed of all the details.
  • Customer support response time is slow. Since the number of users is high, Zoho Forms can be said to be a slow-moving platform in general.
  • The free plan offers limited functionality and is suitable for small businesses.

Zoho Forms pricing

  • Basic Plan: $10 per month ($6 when billed yearly)
  • Standard Plan: $25 per month ($15 when billed yearly)
  • Professional Plan: $50 per month ($30 when billed yearly)
  • Premium Plan: $100 per month ($60 when billed yearly)
# Paperform alternative - Zoho Forms

# Paperform alternative - Zoho Forms

* * *

4  - Pabbly Form Builder

Pabbly Form Builder is a tool for creating online forms suitable for your brand and website. It offers canned responses, email notifications, conditional logic, and many more features which make your form more powerful. Pabbly Form Builder can be integrated with payment gateways such as PayPal & Stripe. So you can safely receive customer payments.


  • Unlimited storage is available.
  • The simple drag-and-drop editor allows you to add, remove or customize any block you 

want to create on your form.

  • Your data and information are shielded from hackers by SSL encryption.
  • There are various pre-built templates available.
  • It does not support mobile apps.
  • There is no feature to add a location to the form field.

Pabbly Form Builder pricing

  • Standard Plan: $15 per month ($10 when billed yearly)
  • Pro Plan: $39 per month ($26 when billed yearly)
  • Ultimate Plan: $99 per month ($70 when billed yearly)
#4 Paperform alternative - Pabbly Form Builder

#4 Paperform alternative - Pabbly Form Builder

* * *

5  - HubSpot Form Maker

HubSpot is the form builder known for its CRMs. People who fill out your form are automatically redirected to HubSpot CRM. After they are entered into your CRM system, you can set reminder tasks, call them and send personalized one-to-one emails.


  • You can sync their responses with CRM so you can easily save them.
  • With the drag-and-drop form builder, you can quickly create forms. 
  • While the basic setup is easy, it can be much more challenging to set things up the way you want.
  • The price range between the plans is high. If your budget allows, using the paid plans can be an investment.

HubSpot Form Maker pricing

  • Starter Plan: $50 per month ($45 when billed yearly)
  • Professional Plan: $890 per month ($800 when billed yearly)
  • Enterprise Plan: $3600 per month 
#5 Paperform alternative - HubSpot Form Maker

#5 Paperform alternative - HubSpot Form Maker

* * *

6  - Typeform

Typeform online form builder lets you create surveys and forms. It offers a lot of beneficial features for creating attractive forms. There are numerous question types and third-party integrations accessible in the subscription plan.  Additionally, you can use it for free with some limitations. For more information on Typeform, check out the article 15 Best Typeform alternatives.


  • It has ready-made form templates, and you can customize it with advanced design options
  • The data obtained from the surveys can be exported using a variety of integrations.
  • It can be expensive if you are not going to use it regularly.
  • The free plan is limited to 10 answers and 10 questions.

Typeform pricing

  • Basic Plan: $29 per month($25 when billed yearly)
  • Plus Plan: $59 per month($50 when billed yearly)
  • Business Plan: $99 per month($83 when billed yearly)
#6 Paperform alternative - Typeform

#6 Paperform alternative - Typeform

* * *

7  - Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms is a platform that offers an easy way to create effective forms. Various design options are available for customizing your forms. Conditions and payment integrations are just two examples of the many intelligent features.


  • It is easy to share and embed your form on your website.
  • With the drag-and-drop feature, you will only spend a little bit of time creating a form.
  • You have a 14-day trial period for any subscription.
  • Storage on the free plan is limited to 100 MB.

Cognito Forms pricing

  • Pro Plan: $15 per month
  • Team Plan: $35 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $99 per month
#7 Paperform alternative - Cognito Forms

#7 Paperform alternative - Cognito Forms

* * *

8  - Gravity Forms

With Gravity Forms, you can create online forms for your WordPress website. It also allows integration with third-party apps. You can select which pages, sections, buttons, and other elements to conceal or display using conditional logic. It is, however, arguably the most expensive form builder available.


  • Integration with Zapier and HubSpot is available.
  • The basic plan lets you create unlimited forms.
  • It has no free plans, and paid plans are also quite expensive.
  • There are a few design options.
  • There are no monthly plans available.

Gravity Forms pricing

  • Basic Plan: $59 per year
  • Pro Plan: $159 per year
  • Elite Plan: $259 per year
#8 Paperform alternative - Gravity Forms

#8 Paperform alternative - Gravity Forms

* * *

9  - 123FormBuilder

For starters, 123 Form Builder is easy and lets you publish your first form in minutes. It helps you to create your forms quickly with its drag-and-drop feature. Even starting out, it's a good option for creating simple and complex online forms.


  • More than 1900 template options are available.
  • It supports a wide variety of third-party integrations.
  • It has an advanced data analysis and compilation portal.
  • With the multi-language option, you can appeal to the segment you want.
  • You can create forms for free, but you cannot use most features.

123FormBuilder pricing

  • Gold Plan: $24.99 per month($19.99 when billed yearly)
  • Platinum Plan: $44.99 per month($37.99 when billed yearly)
  • Diamond Plan: $84.99 per month($69.99 when billed yearly)
  • Enterprise Plan: $199.99 (only annual billing)
#9 Paperform alternative - 123FormBuilder

#9 Paperform alternative - 123FormBuilder

* * *

10  - Woorise

Woorise is both a form-generation tool and a lead-generation and marketing platform. It allows you to create a variety of interactive campaigns so you can grab people's attention. It has a free plan which includes 200 entries per month and email support.


  • It includes more than 100 interactive templates.
  • Hubspot provides integrations with marketing platforms such as Google Analytics, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • There are more than 40 field types.
  • You'll get more relevant results by using conditional logic.
  • The free plan has numerous features that are restricted.

Woorise pricing

  • Basic Plan: $29 per month($23 when billed yearly)
  • Grow Plan: $49 per month($39 when billed yearly)
  • Pro Plan: $99 per month($79 when billed yearly)
#10 Paperform alternative - Woorise

#10 Paperform alternative - Woorise

* * *

11  - Microsoft Forms

The last alternative is Microsoft Forms, which you all know. Using Microsoft Forms, an online form builder, you can store all your form responses in Microsoft Excel. Additionally, Microsoft Forms is a free-form creator. Also included in the Microsoft Office 365 plan is a free 1-month trial.


  • You can gather the appropriate feedback with the aid of built-in AI and clever recommendations.
  • Forms can be easily shared via email thanks to Outlook integration.
  • Paid plans offer you more templates if you find the number of templates insufficient. You can share these plans with more people.
  • Users cannot change a submitted response or save an online form for later use.
  • It does not have mathematical calculation features.

 Microsoft Forms pricing

  • Microsoft 365 Family: $9.99 per month($99.99 when billed yearly)
  • Microsoft 365 Personal: $6.99 per month($69.99 when billed yearly)
#11 Paperform alternative - Microsoft Forms

#11 Paperform alternative - Microsoft Forms

Which Paperform alternative to choose?

Using a form builder is an easy way to collect data. Paperform is also a form builder that offers various features and possibilities.  However, when we look at its prices and features, if it does not meet your needs, it would be a good option to look at alternatives. 

Considering the alternatives, you can see that is the right choice. You can use the free plan forever and access all the features. This platform also gives you many useful options like form surveys, shop builder, and quiz builder. If you have any problems, it has a professional team where you can find an instant solution with customer service.