9 practical tips: How to create a survey form for nonprofits

Jul 18, 2022 5 min read
9 practical tips: How to create a survey form for nonprofits

Atakan Efe

Non-profit organizations as well as profit-making organizations have a lot of work to do. Therefore, the need for employees is also increasing to handle these tasks, but nowadays this workload is significantly reduced thanks to online surveys. These surveys will help you organize the time, scheduling, location, and employment issues required for your business. And most importantly these survey websites are free, they provide free survey tools for nonprofits.

In addition to all, statistics show that communicating with people online increases the fundraising of non-profit organizations. Therefore, you must be active online and use the forms and surveys to collect any necessary data from your members and volunteers. If you are interested in preparing online surveys, this article will walk you through all the steps and provide practical tips to use in your surveys.

Why do you need an online survey for your non-profit organization?

First of all, if you are a small or a new organization, finding a donor and ensuring that the donor continues to donate is a difficult task. Thanks to surveys like volunteer recruitment forms and member satisfaction surveys, it may be possible to draw volunteers and learn why a donor who has donated before has stopped donating. And you can get donations via surveys and forms.

There are a few free online survey tools and which one you choose matters. offers great features data analysis and much easier UI for an online survey maker. It is one of the best survey tools you can use for free. Plus, you can use advanced features like Conditions and Calculator with the free forever plan. You can see the responses and views in the statistics tab and observe whether your survey has been done by how many people. This will help you decide whether it needs further improvement or not.

Types of surveys to use in non-profits

As mentioned before, volunteer recruitment forms and member satisfaction surveys can be the building blocks of non-profit organizations. But there are also other surveys and forms that you may need. For example, you may need to collect feedback to learn and solve issues within your organization. You can achieve this by creating a member satisfaction survey. creating your nonprofit survey shouldn't take too much of your time; that is why offers you free templates to use. Thanks to many different types of templates, you can make a survey on the subject you want.

How to create a survey for your non-profit organization

If all of the above sound plausible to you, then let's prepare an online survey for your non-profit organization. In this paragraph, we will explain how you can prepare a survey on step by step:

1  - Use one of the free templates on

2  - Edit the parts you want to change or add. Think about the question types you want to add. Do you want open-ended questions or closed-ended ones or rating questions?

3  - Design your form, use themes and customize according to your taste and catch your audience’s attention. A well-designed form will get you good feedback.

4  - On the settings page, adjust welcome page settings and thank you page settings. These are shown on the first and last page of your form, so you can explain what your form is about.

5  - Share your form on any online platform or embed it on your website.

6  - Lastly, you can collect the data about your surveys and review the statistics.

Helpful tips for creating better surveys

When you searched for free online survey tools for nonprofits you came across many of them. And you decided to choose one of them to create a simple survey. However, there are some points that you should pay attention to while preparing this survey:

1  - Determine your goal and prepare an outline.

2  - Decide on the surveying methodologies you will use.

3  - Use free templates for a quick start.

4  - Prepare a short and on-point survey that will not bore the survey taker. Although form takers have the courage to voluntarily search for you on the internet and fill out your form, they can't help themselves from leaving the form when they see it boring.

5  - Explain the purpose of your survey on the welcome page.

6  - Get the consent of the survey taker.

7  - Avoid personal and biased questions in survey questions.

8  - Don’t ask compulsory questions that can lead to dishonest answers as it will also affect your data analysis later.

9  - Share it on many platforms to reach more people.

Online surveys help you see the big picture

Analyzing is a crucial part of surveying. It helps you see the big picture. What is meant by “the big picture” is a process in which you make decisions such as how your organization is going, and what actions to take or not. By analyzing what you have missed before, you can create additional questions or change the question types of your survey. However, keep in mind that your samples should be large enough to extract data, for this you may need to choose a proper survey maker.

In this article, you have learned why you need a decent online survey maker and why an online survey is the best surveying option for nonprofit organizations. And we have listed the types of surveys you can use such as member satisfaction surveys and given helpful tips for creating better surveys. Now, you can easily select a survey template and get started on a custom survey for your nonprofit organization!