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Member Satisfaction Survey Template

Whether it’s a non-profit organization or a business association, members play a crucial role to keep the organization active. But, first, their morale should be high and they need to be happy. A member satisfaction survey can be helpful for measuring these and then taking action. This free member satisfaction survey template will provide essential questions and a great layout for a quick solution!

Member Satisfaction Survey Template


Why use an online member satisfaction survey?

Satisfied members work harder, participate in more events, help you create a better image of the organization. Therefore, you can consider collecting regular feedback from the members. As a result, you will be able to see how active the members are, what they expect from the organization, and what they suggest to do. Furthermore, by detecting the issues, you will have a chance to create a more healthy and less toxic environment for all members. There are also many reasons for using a member satisfaction survey, such as:

  • Learning their ideas to improve the organization 
  • Seeing if they are happy with the event and meeting times
  • Finding what is holding them back from participating in the events
  • Finally, showing them, you value your members and their opinions

How to create a great member satisfaction survey?

forms.app offers many evaluation survey templates, such as this member satisfaction survey template to make your survey-making process faster and easier. You can use the questionnaire sample as a base and add your own questions and fields, or change the existing ones. As for editing and designing, forms.app has a lot to offer. For example, you can use the free survey themes to have a professional-looking survey in seconds! But there are also some points to consider when you are creating your survey content.

  • Make your survey simple and clear: Members will be happy that you ask for their feedback. However, too detailed surveys and long questions may have a bad effect on the response rate. Thus, you have to make sure that your member satisfaction survey looks clean and simple.
  • Make sure each question has a purpose: To determine the strong and weak points of the organization, your question should help you measure some levels in a matter. So, make sure to ask deliberate questions and try not to receive vague feedback.
  • Share it on many platforms: Collecting more data may help you understand the situation more correctly. To reach more members, you can use forms.app’s advanced sharing options and post your member satisfaction survey on many platforms. For example, you can send the survey via emails, WhatsApp, post it on social media, or embed it into the organization’s website. Get started today with the free member satisfaction survey template on forms.app and ensure membership satisfaction easily!


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