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Vehicle Incident Report Form

Vehicles belonging to your organization might encounter any kind of incidents that could yield adverse effects on your operations. The best way to document such occurrences is to use a practical vehicle incident report form. Build an efficient one with’s intuitive vehicle incident report template now!

Vehicle Incident Report Form


Details to ask in a vehicle incident report form

As per any report form, a vehicle incident report form is a type of form to record any events to note occurred to a vehicle or those the vehicle in question is involved in. Documenting the incidents could help present evidence for insurance claims or any following legal procedures. 

A vehicle incident report form will also advise the executive staff in the organization to take action for the incident and preventive measures for the future.

Thanks to’s user-friendly report form templates, building an optimal vehicle incident report form is quite easy! Click the “Use Template” button above and start creating yours now. If you’re looking for which parameters to include, you can check the suggestions below:

  1. Ask for the type of incident: Include a field for the nature of incidents involving the vehicle in question. Traffic accidents, breakdowns, damages incurred by natural causes, or anything else you wish to specify could fit into this category.
  2. Ask for the persons involved: These individuals could be anyone ranging from the drivers causing a car crash to eyewitnesses such as passengers or any bystanders. Recording their names in the report will prove useful for any legal proceedings. So make sure to ask the relevant questions.
  3. Add a field for the extent of the damage: Put any damages sustained by the vehicle in detail. The type and severity of damage can help vehicle experts determine the costs and their coverage through insurance.
  4. Allow file uploads: To get the whole picture of the situation and further evidence, you can add a “file upload” or an “image upload” field to your report form.