Personal Reference Form Template

Everyone knows about recommendation letters. It’s one of the many ways of employment for most people. Something that is known lesser about is personal or character reference letters. These forms are for candidates who the referrer knows personally. Unlike normal reference forms, these give information about personal qualities and states if the person is suitable for the job.

Personal Reference Form Template


What is a personal reference form?

A personal reference form or a personal reference letter is used to give information on the personal qualities of a candidate. If there’s a position fit for somebody you know personally, you use these forms. In these forms, employees can feel free to include specific qualities of the candidates. These forms can be asked by the hiring professionals when they find an application or referral weak. It’s one thing if a person is good at what they do. It’s a whole different story when it comes to their behavior. 

Most employers know this and will try to get information on candidates in the most convenient manner they can. Our personal reference form template includes what’s necessary. A personal reference form will include things such as how the involved people know each other, positive characteristics of the candidate often with examples, usual recommendation, and of course contact details of the referred person.

How to create an online personal reference form with

You can simply use our personal reference form template by clicking the ‘Use Template’ button above. If you’d like to change and tweak this template, however, well, you can do the same thing. It’s possible to build upon our template! Our tools are already easy to use, so it will make the process much faster. With, you get to;

  • Add or change fields
  • Add conditioned fields
  • Add an e-signature field
  • Selection grid or matrix

How to design your form?

After you’re done with preparing your personal reference form, jump into the design tab. There, you can pick one of our themes, color almost anything, add a custom background (maybe your company logo), and more. If you are familiar with CSS, we include that too! Make your employment forms look crisp. Start now by using our personal reference form template!

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