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Outcome Questionnaire

Looking to gather and thoroughly examine the results yielded from the field studies you’ve conducted through an inquiry form? Need a versatile but solid foundation to get a better headstart for your survey? Then build your outcome questionnaire using’s flexible and intuitive outcome questionnaire template now.

Outcome Questionnaire


What is an outcome questionnaire?

An outcome questionnaire is a survey utilized to obtain information on any studies and/or actions performed, with the overall purpose of measuring the efficiency of such actions through their results. 

Since a multitude of functions and effects could be inferred from such results, the interpretation of the information extracted could vary in a similar manner. For this reason, outcome questionnaires are used in several fields, such as 

  • Medical
  • Educational 
  • Psychological 
  • Sociological 
  • And other empirical disciplines.

Why do you need an outcome questionnaire?

Thanks to its nature, outcome questionnaires could be easily employed in many areas of interest. In those areas, they may play a different role from one another. For instance, they could assess the overall efficiency of means, methods, and relevant disciplines of teaching in educational space. 

They could monitor sets of behavior by the test subjects and their reactions to specific inputs in scientific experiments. Furthermore, they could perform better than traditional surveys by putting emphasis on not only the results themselves but also the process leading to the said results, thus encompassing the whole mechanism of the intended research.

How to create an outcome questionnaire

Being versatile survey forms, outcome questionnaires could be molded into any shape, unlike most forms. Moreover, provides a wide array of customization options to support the versatility inherent in outcome survey, just like a plethora of inquiry form templates has to offer.

  1. Open this report form template: Before you start, take the first step by clicking the “Use Template” button and build the exact outcome questionnaire you have in mind.
  2. Specify the contents in the form: When creating your outcome questionnaire, you can change the type of questions and answers for your needs. 

For instance, one question could measure a specific effect on a scale of 0 to 10, while another could directly include multiple options that apply the most to the participants. If none of the options match their answer for that question, you can also include a blank space to fill in manually. 

Lastly, another text box at the end of the outcome questionnaire could help the participants share their input or suggestions for the activity in question with you.

  3. Share your outcome survey: The moment you feel your outcome questionnaire is all set, click the “Share” button above and select the sharing option you see fit. You can either embed it into your own website, post it on your social media accounts or just get your form URL and send it to any recipients in a few seconds easily. 

Congratulations! Your slick-looking outcome questionnaire is finally ready to go!

A questionnaire is a series of questions and other form fields to collect data on a specific topic, field, or event. Questionnaires are an effective method to gather data in a structured and organized way. People and businesses often create questionnaires for market research and research purposes.

When it comes to questionnaires, there are mainly two types: Questionnaires include questions to collect quantitative or qualitative data.

  1. Qualitative questionnaires are used for gathering opinion-based and observable information. Customer and product feedback are good examples of information collected with a qualitative questionnaire. You may use this data and categorize the answers based on satisfaction, feeling, and so on; however, it is not possible to give it a numerical value.
  2. Quantitative questionnaires include questions for gathering a numerical value about a topic, product, opinion, feeling, and so on. By using a quantitative questionnaire, you can collect quantifiable information. This means the end result can be used for statistics and mathematical calculations. 

An online poll is a method for learning the opinion of a group of people on specific topics, such as politics, elections, the economy, TV shows and series, and many more. Polls are a great way to engage with an audience and gather information, hence used by many companies, government departments, or content creators for various purposes.

As an intuitive form creator, makes it easy to create online polls to get people’s opinions on scales. Creating online polls has a similar process to creating other forms, and it will only take a few minutes. 

  1. Open a free form template or start with a blank page
  2. Add your questions and answers
  3. Make customizations to your form design
  4. Take a look at form settings and adjust publishing options

After creating a poll, you can easily share it on social media or embed it directly on a web page to reach people. Then, all you have to do is review the data you gather in real-time and analyze the results.