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Offense Incident Report Form

Do you like to gather reports of offense incidents? Any form of an unplanned event, whether an accident, injury, workplace incident, security breach, or other, can be documented and preserved with an online form. Open this template and customize your form to develop your own offense incident report form template from the base.

Offense Incident Report Form


What is an offense incident report form?

The offense incident report is to allege that someone has committed a crime against someone. The prosecution is the authority that makes the accusation of the crime. The accusation can be made by an official body of the government through a legal way, such as an indictment, or it can be made by other people as a result of complaints. 

An incident report form is a record of an occurrence that is used to document misbehavior at the workplace and to record injuries and accidents, near misses, property and equipment damage, health and safety concerns, and security breaches. offers you free report form templates and powerful features to customize your form for free. Use this powerful form creator to make your work efficient and faster with start right away!

A report form is a general name for a document used to gather reposts about events, accidents, misbehaviors, spam, and other topics. The document generally has form fields for collecting contact information and report details from the reporting person.

Whether it is for incident reports, medical reports, or abuse reports, you can create an online form by using a form creator tool, like provides you free form templates, an intuitive experience, and advanced features, such as conditional logic and third-party integrations. If you are interested in creating an online form for gathering reports, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Sign into an online form builder site, like here
  2. Open one of the report form templates or start with a blank page
  3. Add questions for collecting event details
  4. Make sure to ask for the name and email address of the reporting person to follow up
  5. Customize your form design
  6. Place your form link in a visible place or embed it on your web page

As a powerful form maker, helps you create your own forms faster with its vast library of form templates. In addition to online order forms, registration forms, request forms, and many more, you can find many useful form samples for collecting reports. 

Having an online form will help you gather data in an organized way and in real-time, so you can act on the information you get and solve any problems in a short time. Find a suitable form template for your organization, business, or community and start creating your custom form with!