Fire Incident Report Form

Use this template for a fire incident report form to record and report any fire-related incidents. It seeks to give a narrative about the reason for a fire incident, the harm or injuries that were sustained, and any lives lost. Start now with to create your free template easily.

Fire Incident Report Form


What is a fire incident report form?

Fire incident report form is a information that is collected on any workplace incidents involving fire, such as injuries, accidents, security breaches, or other incidents.The purpose of a fire incident report is to present a narrative about the cause of a fire occurrence, any damage or injuries that were sustained, and any lives that were lost if any. Laws also demand the filing of fire incident reports, which can be used to gather vital data on fire safety and enhance fire prevention efforts. 

free report form template allows you to include details, such as the location of the structure, the type of fire incident reported, visual proof of damage or obstruction, and the contact information of anyone engaged in the incident. It is easy to create your free report form with the powerful form creator of, save your time and clickt the use template now.

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